• Tony Lindsay is the very talented singer who has the eleven-time Grammy award winning voice, hear why on his single, I’m Fallin’ !

  • Aleksandra has all the moves… Watch her “Visions Of You” video on VideoCast.

  • Claudia, Stacey, Angelina “Snowflake”, and Rachna are “Lookin’ Good” while getting and keeping fit! “Lookin’ Good video on VideoCast.

The New AR

Discovering musical talent: A new, improved hit machine

“COME in here, dear boy, have a cigar / You’re gonna go far.” By 1975, when Pink Floyd parodied them in song, music executives had developed a reputation for turning unknowns into stars—and for false promises, burdensome contracts and assorted skulduggery. The reputation clings to them still. But a decade of piracy and plummeting sales has radically changed the way artists are discovered,

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