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"Cool Personality" is an original song tribute to the cool, hot Men Of Country! You will see some of your favorites stars in this video! The music is a brand, new rockin' sound called B&C music which is a blend of blues and country music... both genres were Made in America.
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Sexy, cool....Keith Urban

HartecastMusic.com’s philosophy is to get the music to the people! The internet and the worldwide web have opened up the world to us and allows creativity to greet technology as an ally that enables artists to share their art with the world, as it was created. And actually, it is almost possible to deliver music in real time as the artist is receiving that very inspiration! For the most part, music can be shared in its most raw form; it depends on the vision of the artist.
HartecastMusic.com’s vision is to connect with people all around the world in a way that stimulates, satisfies, and reaches the realms of human emotions.

Hartecast Music, publishing, has the best original music available. On the SongCast page, the songs are categorized by genre and you can hear 30 second samples which will allow you to get an idea of how the songs sound.

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