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Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross & More Rappers Become Fixtures on the Food Scene

Snoop Dogg Martha Stewart C80CzJIUQAEvi1k
Courtesy of VH1
Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart on Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.

Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross & More Rappers Become Fixtures on the Food Scene

Snoop Dogg furiously stirred flour into a creamy bechamel sauce, a whisk in one hand and a microphone in the other during a cooking demonstration with chef Guy Fieri.

He tossed herbs into the mac and cheese and spicy wing dishes with the dramatic flair of Emeril Lagasse, raising his hands in the air, spinning around after taste tests and occasionally singing lines from songs like “Drop It Like It’s Hot” as a crowd cheered wildly.

Wearing black shades, his dreads in a ponytail, the pioneering rapper rushed off the cooking stage and emerged 20 minutes later at a nearby beachside DJ booth, also part of the recent South Beach Wine & Food Festival, spinning tunes, including many of his own, while a stagehand passed out joints to the sweaty, enthusiastic crowd.

Snoop may seem an unlikely guest for a festival where high-brow foodies come for $500-a-plate dinners to mingle with chefs like Jose Andres and Daniel Boulud, but it’s emblematic of the widening intersection between food and music that Snoop and other rappers and hip-hop stars are capitalizing on, where unlikely pairings form shows like VH1’s Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party and rappers like 2 Chainz drop cookbooks along with their albums. Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy, who served time in prison, recently came out with the cookbook commissary kitchen: my infamous prison cookbook, which includes a recipe that mixes Ramen noodles and Doritos. You can even buy Rap Snacks, honey jalapeno potato chips with Fetty Wap’s face on the bag.

On a recent episode of Snoop and Martha Stewart’s VH1 show, she roasted a whole pig, proclaiming the new way to eat pork was “nose to tail.”

“Nah, nah, nah. In the ‘hood we say from the rooter to the tooter,” says Snoop, who helped Stewart make a Cuban mojito, busting out a quippy rhyme before toasting the audience.

Earlier this month, Miami rapper Rick Ross tapped Stewart to announce the debut of his new album on Twitter. The queen of homemaking also included a photo of her holding a cake with Ross’ album cover on top.

Rev Run of the rap group Run-DMC has also become a fixture on the food scene with the Cooking Channel’s Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers. The father of six told The Associated Press that cooking is more about family time and less about the creative process for him.

“Music, like food, has no language barriers. When people hear music or eat tasty food, all of a sudden we have something in common,” he said.

Marketing experts say Stewart and the Food Network, which sponsors the South Beach festival, are using the partnerships to stay fresh and relevant.

“Some of the folks in the food industry are trying to appeal to a younger audience and associate their brands with that,” said Darren Seifer, food and beverage industry analyst for the NPD Group.

But it’s not all about inking new business deals. Some artists were busy in the kitchen long before they started making music.

Rapper Flavor Flav grew up cooking in his family’s soul food diner. Before bursting onto the music scene with the group Public Enemy, he went to cooking school and says he once was the head chef at the Nassau County Courthouse in New York.

“It’s like music — you’re always creating different tastes, different flavors,” he said in a phone interview.

He’s had several restaurants, mostly centered on his fried chicken, that have closed due to “poor management,” he said. Rockhouse Las Vegas is currently featuring his grub and he said he hopes to open another restaurant.

Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart’s Dinner Party Tips (Yes, Weed Included)
Rapper 2 Chainz, whose hits include “Champions,” dropped a cookbook with one of his albums, featuring recipes for beer-steamed snow crab legs and herb-crusted lamb chops. But he’s struggled in the food business after the Department of Health recently gave his Atlanta tapas restaurant a dismal inspection.

Action Bronson often rhymes in culinary speak. The rapper, whose first album included tracks titled “Jerk Chicken,” ”Shiraz” and “Brunch,” went to culinary school for a year before dropping out and pursuing music.

In an episode of his profanely titled Viceland show, he prepares chicken cutlets with a sesame panko crust that he serves with Mexican chocolate sauce, ice cream, flambeed Hennessey bananas and torched marshmallows, calling it “a fat guy sandwich.”

R&B singer Kelis, whose music intersected with hip-hop and is perhaps best known for “Milkshake,” went to Le Cordon Bleu after hitting the charts, leading to a cookbook, a pop-up restaurant in London and an album titled Food, with songs like “Jerk Ribs,” ”Cobbler” and “Biscuits n’ Gravy.”

“I love working with my hands and getting to create something,” said the singer, who is planning to open a restaurant in Los Angeles later this year. “It’s very different than music … you can’t really control what you hear. They have to hear it, whereas food is a choice.”



Aleksandra-Mohoric_sent by Jernej11.16.2015

Born to Do It!!! from the Harte


Aleksandra-Mohoric_sent by Jernej11.16.2015

Born to Do It!!!
What were you born to do? What is your ‘it’?

In order to try to answer this question, you need to ask yourself: “what is it that if I did not do, would cause me to no longer enjoy life but just exist?” Actually, am I enjoying life to the fullest now? Am I doing what I was born to do? One way to answer this is with another question: what makes me feel completely alive? or what brings me joy? For me, it is music. For others, it may be acting, athleticism, parenting, the practice of medicine, philosophy, writing, gardening, volunteering, etc. Is there something in life that you must do? Something you always return to as soon as you tend to the day-to-day necessities of life? We should all know and have joy, passion, in our lives. I use the word passion almost synonymously with destiny because afterall, we all have a destiny to fulfill and it can take an all-consuming passion to meet the daily challenges of life and yet, continue our quest of self actualization.

I would argue that fulfilling our individual and collective destinies is the reason for being human. Destiny does not have to be on a grandiose scale such as becoming the leader of a country, a great musician or one who has fame and fortune. Each individual has to pursue their own destiny; it is up to each and every one of us to discover our own, unique destiny. I say discover because destiny is not always evident and most times people have to fight to actualize who they are which may require some form of deep introspection. Parents, society and many other compelling factors can pull you in directions that are the opposite of your true self. Some people know who they are early in life, childhood even, and persist in manifesting their true selves throughout their lives and may even have the support of friends and family to do so; these are the fortunate few. Others of us know who we are but have to fight to be who we are which may require swimming upstream when others, or the circumstances of life, pressure you to be one way but actually, you are another. Still some, have no idea of who they truly are and even though they have many opportunities to grasp the pursuit of their true passion, they do not  and continue living unaware of the joy that could be. The conscious journey of self actualization is sublime in and of itself. Although we do have friends and family whom we love dearly with all our hearts, we are more than how we relate to friends, family, communities or to the world. Each is an individual.

If we are lost, we only have so much time in this lifetime to find ourselves. If we know, we only have so much time in this lifetime to Do It! …Born to Do It!

by: from the Harte

Photo courtesy of: madeinherimage.wordpress.com/Getty

Jessica S cropped (1280x1278)

Jessica Sanchez, A Rising Star, Releases hot, new single, “Call Me”

Jessica S cropped (1280x1278)
Photo courtesy of lockerdome.com

Jessica Elizabeth Sanchez (born August 4, 1995) is an American singer and songwriter originally from Chula Vista, California. She was the runner-up on the eleventh season of the reality show American Idol. Prior to appearing on American Idol, Jessica competed in the first season of America’s Got Talent at the age of 11.
Jessica Elizabeth Sanchez was born in Chula Vista, California on August 4, 1995 to parents, Edita (born Bugay) and Gilbert Sanchez.[7] She was raised in Eastlake, Chula Vista along with two younger brothers. Her father is a Mexican-American originally from Texas, and is an Aviation Ordnance First Class Petty Officer in the United States Navy Reserves. Her mother is a Filipina whose family is from Samal, Bataan in the Philippines.

She attended Eastlake Middle School in Chula Vista and was homeschooled all four years of high school.

She started singing at the age of 2, and aspires to be a mainstream singer who can “belt but sing upbeat songs”. Eminem and Beyoncé are her favorite male and female artists, while Jennifer Hudson is her favorite American Idol contestant. Other musical influences include Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Etta James,Christina Aguilera, and Michael Jackson.

In early 2016 Sanchez began collaborating with YouTube singing sensation Leroy Sanchez. The pair released covers of Beyonce’s “1+1” and Justin Bieber ft. Halsey’s “The Feeling”. The colaborations has received over one million respective views. On April 7, Sanchez returned with numerous other idol alumni to perform on the penultimate and Grand Finale episode for the fifteenth (farewell) season of American Idol. Sanchez performed her season 11 revival of Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer”. Her performance was claimed as the ‘best performance’ and ‘stand out’ of the night gaining her international praise once again. Consequently Sanchez’s 2011 recording of the song re-entered the iTunes Top 200 singles chart peaking at number 166. Sanchez is set to travel to Australia and New Zealand for a total of four shows in May for her first Australian and New Zealand tour. Sanchez has also revealed she is currently in the process of recording her second studio album with the release date to still be decided. She described her second album to be more ‘gritty’ and ‘soulful’ compared to her debut album.

Her hot new single release, “Call Me”, is available for download on CD Baby and ITunes.

courtesy of wikipedia


How Beyoncé Is Redefining The Future Of The Music Industry


P. CLAIRE DODSON 04.30.16 6:06 AM

Beyoncé’s new visual album Lemonade, released last weekend, is a masterpiece of a short film. It’s also the new pinnacle of popular music—a multi-genre epic full of anger, heartbreak, and power. It is a perfect culminating moment for how we make, distribute, and consume popular music.
Beyoncé has long been a pioneer in savvy use of digital platforms to promote her work. Her career picked up speed with Destiny’s Child in 1996 and again in 2003 with the start to her solo career, but she really began to dominate in 2013, the year she announced (via Instagram) the release of a surprise self-titled album with corresponding music videos for every song. Despite having no advance promotion, that album sold more than 800,000 copies worldwide in just three days, thanks in part to excited social chatter to the tune of 1.2 million tweets featuring her name in the first 12 hours. The joint tour with Jay Z to promote that album earned more than $100 million in ticket sales alone. Lemonade, meanwhile, was released on husband Jay Z’s platform Tidal, where it wasavailable exclusively for about a day before becoming available on iTunes.

While digital savvy is one ingredient in Beyonce’s successful business strategy, her artistic and branding decisions are also paving the way for other artists.


Beyoncé’ founded Parkwood Entertainment in 2008. Parkwood released her last three albums (arguably her best three), as well as a slew of music videos and feature films and her recent athletic-wear line Ivy Park with Topshop. Owning her own company gives her an immense amount of artistic and business freedom; though the albums are released in partnership with Columbia Records, she gets to say who she wants to work with and when she wants to do it.

Online streaming and new channels for distribution have leveled the playing field for everyone, and no one has exploited that better than Beyoncé. The future of this industry belongs to her.

Edited 05.02.2016

Felecia 06.23.2013

“Why Can’t You Remember” by: from the Harte


Felecia 06.23.2013

“Why Can’t You Remember”
by: from the Harte© 02/2016

Why can’t you remember
that you and I merged as two
Why can’t you remember
that two is only me and you

Why can’t you remember
you said we would never part
Why can’t you remember
to never wound my precious heart

Why can’t you remember
to forget the urge of fleeting lust
Why can’t you remember
in you, I put my faith and trust

Why can’t you remember
I gave you my all, my everything
Why can’t you remember
you gave to me a forever ring

Why can’t you remember
the day our son was born
Why can’t you remember
a broken home is for him to mourn

Why can’t you remember
all the things together we shared
Why can’t you remember
how heartily you said you cared

Why can’t you remember
the many tears over you I have cried
Why can’t you remember
I wiped your tears when your mother died

Why can’t you remember
when you had no worldly goods
Why can’t you remember
I gave to you all of mine that I could

Why can’t you remember
when you were sick lying in bed
Why can’t you remember
I held your hand and rubbed your head

Why can’t you remember
a broken heart hurts so bad
Why can’t you remember
you were the only one I ever had

Why can’t you remember
the golden words of the golden rule
Why can’t you remember
to hold me in your heart as I hold you

Why can’t you remember
there will be a price for you to pay
Why can’t you remember
you will long for me again someday

When you remember
I gave unto you all myself, my love
you will remember
that was all I was guilty of

written by Felecia Harte

Photo courtesy of www.commentsdb.com