Felecia began studying Astrology at the age of ten courtesy of her mother, Mae. Her mother would buy the Astrology books sold at the drug stores at that time. Felecia’s mother—a strong woman who was forward thinking and ahead of her time—sadly has passed but was an Aries and would always buy these Astrology paperback books whenever they were published which was about once or twice a month.

Although these paperback books would highlight on the outside that a particular paperback book was for Aries or whatever zodiac sign of interest, in addition, it would have info on all twelve of the zodiac signs inside its covers. Felecia would always ask if she could read the book once her mother had finished and her mother would dutifully bring her the book and let her know that is was now all hers to read.

Felecia would read about all of the signs. Not only her own sun sign, Leo, but all the signs and in fact, read all the descriptions and writings contained within its pages. She loved these astrological paperback books and looked forward to reading them! Felecia could hardly wait for her mother to finish reading so she could snuggle up and consume its contents.

She sometimes lovingly thinks back on how her mother would find out the zodiac signs of friends or people she would encounter and then felt she had some inside knowledge on what made them tick. Felecia, in fact, remembers the sun signs of all of her best friends from childhood!

Felecia would go on to further her astrological studies which has become a lifelong dedication to its study and practice. She has a library of books on Astrology and related metaphysical writings, has taken Astrology classes, has performed personal readings for twenty plus years for friends, family and colleagues, is an avid follower of the online Astrology community and is a member of her local chapter of the National Council Of Geocosmic Research, Inc (NCGR).

Felecia has a Bachelor’s Of Science in Nursing and is a published songwriter with a catalogue of music—Hartecast Music— written by her in multiple musical genres (her creativity is partly attributed to a stellium in Leo).

You can visit Felecia at where you will find “Astro Frequencies” which offers her thoughts and writings on Astrology and also where you can hear some of her musical creations. Her mixture of career paths: Astrologer, RN, BSN, songwriter/music producer/publisher which are disciplines deemed scientific and artistic, seem to demonstrate Felecia has been able to master the integration of both the left and right brain cerebral hemispheres making for a unique synergistic style appealing not only to the mind but to the heart and soul as well.
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A quote coined by Felecia: “Be your own best astrologer but in the meantime, make sure you have one”
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