“Archipelago” The Music of GRAY on illumini Records

GRAY composes on Bali, the Island of Gods

“Archipelago” by composer, GRAY, is the first release on his illumini records. Recorded on the island of Bali, the track is a prelude to GRAY’S first upcoming full length album that he created on Bali, known as the Island of Gods, and was inspired by the new life of his first-born son.

The Greeks called it the Aegean Pelagos and the Italians referred to it as Arcipelago (principal sea), but English speakers now call it the Aegean Sea. Numerous islands dot its expanse, and 17th-century English speakers adopted a modified form of its Italian name for any sea with a similar scattering of islands. By the 19th century archipelago had come to refer to the groups of islands themselves, and now it is often used figuratively, as in, for example, “an archipelago of high rises.”

GRAY’s “Archipelago” is the perfect title for his music as he creates his pulsating music on the beautiful island of Bali but GRAY knows no man is an island and invites you to feel his music with him!

New Release Out Now: https://orcd.co/gray-archipelago
Archipelago video here: https://youtu.be/VIKxGe2OzE4