It’s Your Choice…

As I note my thoughts in this writing, we are approaching a full moon in Sagittarius on June 14th. At this time, we also have Neptune making a square, 90 degrees, aspect to this full moon while at the same time we have Saturn making a trine, 120 degrees, aspect. Trines are easy flowing while squares are more challenging as they are a call to act.

This is a very interesting full moon as it gives us the opportunity to experience opposing influences at the same time.

Neptune is a more spiritual, dreamy, intuitive, ethereal, enchanting, unlimited expression of energy. These very qualities help in artistic endeavors. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus taking creativity and art to another plane. But because Neptune’s boundaries are not clearly defined, when its energies are highlighted, could bring delusion, confusion, uncertainty and deception including self-deception.

But do not be discouraged with Neptune’s more challenging influences because at the same time, we have Saturn making a trine to the sun and a sextile, a lesser 60-degree ‘good’ aspect to the moon. ‘Good’ is distinguished here to make note of the fact that ‘good’ aspects do not necessarily bring what most would call nice or happy outcomes but do allow energies to flow more easily. Just as ‘bad’ aspects do not always result in negative outcomes as we can make important strides in our development when tensions are stirred within us.

On the other hand, Saturn also referred to as Father Time, the taskmaster, wants us to be responsible, disciplined, mature, grounded and hardworking. ‘Keeping our nose to the grindstone’ can result in burn out from overwork and a lack of joy in life. Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra, balance. Ancient philosophers remind us: “moderation in all things”.

With a full moon in Sagittarius, naturally we think about the sign’s qualities as they will color the character of this full moon. The Sagittarius archetype is known for optimism, adventure, knowledge, friendliness, philosophy and truth so we all may experience these qualities to some extent depending on our own individual astrological charts. Although Saj qualities sound very inviting, of course, there is another side to Saj as well such as over exaggeration, over confidence, arrogance, restlessness and recklessness.

When this Sagittarius full moon receives a call to action, a square, from Neptune, we may find ourselves feeling confused but at the same time feeling arrogant and over confident. This is a potent mixture which could lead to less than desirable results.

What Do You Choose?

Fortunately, we do have contemporaneous energies that round the Neptune, full moon square influence: Saturn trine the sun. The sun rules strength, vitality and will power. This is a beautiful energy happening right on time. We can use the mature energy of Saturn, will power of the sun to ground the arrogant confusion which we may either display ourselves or witness in our interactions with others.

The frequencies at this full moon are a perfect time to observe the workings of Astrology and where the age-old question of free will and fate can be tested. Astrology helps us to understand the impact of cosmic weather on our lives. The question of free will and fate can be examined at the very time of this Sagittarius full moon since the Astrology of this time has identified the opposing qualities of Neptunian confusion versus the grounding Saturnian qualities. Will you be more daydreamy or down-to-earth?

Knowledge is power. The Astrology has made us consciously aware of the cosmic currents.

Now, what does your free will choose?

You can just go with the flow and see how things turn out or you can consciously decide to check for behaviors in yourself and others and correct adverse behaviors by redirecting them when possible but being aware makes all the difference, check and correct.

In the wake of turbulent cross currents, we can lose ourselves in a fog of turbulence or we can course correct choosing calmer shores to bask in the sunshine, smell the salt air and feel the cool breeze.

Let’s Go!

written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽 © June, 2022.

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