The Beautiful Flame

Candle Heart Burninl_10.12.2019

“Your Love is such a beautiful thing;Your Love’s inside me and it’s simply so sweet”

The fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are the astro-frequencies of inspiration!

As I flicker in the swirling wind, I firmly stand tall knowing,
shoved this way and that, I shall bend
My aura shines as bright as any star, glowing
an inner, brilliant beacon gliding without and within

Sometimes I shiver, sometimes still
at times I dance by the light of the moon
forever brave, longing to exert my will,
shore up my strength!… as turbulence comes soon

I shall not know the quiet loneliness
if disposited without a home of my own
I will not wish for those not with me
for I am not alone

Standing here in the vastness of all that is
A single light, idea, that notion of desire
blossoms, and is no longer mine but his
what a world of wonder in the beautiful flame of fire

Astro Writing: “The Beautiful Flame” by Felecia for Astro Frequencies
© 2019

The Frequency Of

The Frequency of Beauty: See full youtube video here with Voiceover and Music


                                                                                                                        The Frequency Of Beauty

We love to look at beautiful things: sunsets, star-filled skies, the bright colors bursting from the flowers of a garden or a painting, an attractive man or woman, mountains rising up to the sky, a waterfall cresting over the earth into a rippling pond, or a mother duck guiding her ducklings across the lake. These examples are less than a grain of sand in comparison to all the beauty that surrounds us each and everyday.

Beauty raises our frequency. Not only our frequency but the frequency of the earth. Take a single red rose. The color is a vibrant red, its petals soft and velvety, its stem is firm and strong and the smell excites the senses. No wonder people all over the world include flowers and plants in their living spaces.

Yes, it has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But no matter what is considered beauty, beauty is beauty and having beauty in our lives is vital. The great band of the seventies and beyond, Earth Wind & Fire, wrote a song about this called “All About Love” in which there is this lyric: “if there ain’t no beauty, you got to make some beauty.” I agree wholeheartedly.

Beauty is part of nature. When we think of nature, most of us think of things outside of ourselves such as the physical world of plants,  animals, forests and oceans; we don’t seem to consider ourselves as being part of nature but we are. Just as other parts of nature are affected by the conditions of the earth, so are we.

The earth supplies us with our sustenance: air, water, food grown from the soil. Good nutrition, fresh air and water are prescriptions for good health and for the maintenance of health. We need the beauty of nature to survive. Nature feeds more than our physical bodies, nature also feeds the aesthetic senses of our soul. Even if we had air to breathe, water to drink and enough food to eat, if there were no sunshine to feel, oceans to see, birds to hear, grass to touch, flowers to smell or sweet cherries to taste, we would wither just like a plant that receives no water. 

We partake of beauty every single day. We also beautify ourselves, our homes and surroundings with things that are appealing to us and people all over the world perform these acts of beautification. It is part of our nature; beauty is a part of us; it’s natural.

When we have beauty in our lives, we vibrate at a higher frequency. This is why a bouquet of flowers is offered to restore the peace after an argument, and flowers are present at weddings and funerals. The beauty of nature lifts our frequency. Just think about all of the machinations we go through everyday before presenting ourselves to the world: brushing our teeth, showering, styling our hair, choosing our wardrobes, jewelry, and fragrance. As beauty consumers, we invest billions of dollars every year on beautifying ourselves in order to be “presentable”. Being presentable suggests we are up for the occasion.

These beautification rituals are not just to look good to others but to feel good about ourselves as well. We all know that even when we are sick in bed with a bad cold, we feel better when we groom ourselves. Afterwards, we often say, “I feel better now.” Hospitals recognize the importance of grooming in the healing process and when indicated depending on the severity of illness, support patients and their families tending to enhancing patients’ appearance which raises their frequency.

How many times have we gone for a walk in the woods or park to “clear our heads”? How many times have we cleaned out our closets of worn out clothes to replace them with new clothing that makes us feel more enthusiastic? How many times has a new haircut or hairstyle increased our self confidence? In the broad vastness of spirituality, these above examples may seem trivial but beauty in our lives affects our spirits and can often indicate what type of mood we are in. The external appearance is often a barometer of what is going on internally as we may not get dressed or out get of bed if we feel down or depressed. When our five senses’ perceptions are decreased by depression, our frequency is lowered and a low frequency interferes with our ability to partake in the beauty of life.

Yes, there is more than outer beauty, there is inner beauty. We have heard the saying, “beauty is only skin deep.” Sadly for some, this is true. Vanity just for the sake of vanity is empty. What we have been discussing herein is about how beauty uplifts, a kind of wholistic beauty: beauty not only outside but that resides inside too. External beauty is obvious. We can see it up close or from a distance; it can be visually sensed without any further action. However, internal beauty is not so apparent as it comes from within. At times, external beauty is an indicator of internal beauty but not always. Sometimes a disheveled  man can flash a smile that warms you all over.

Being a beautiful person doesn’t mean that you have all the latest fashions, cars and devices, being a beautiful person means the beauty the person feels inside is naturally shared and bestowed upon others. When we help a person in need, that’s a beautiful thing. When we give words of encouragement to others, that’s a beautiful thing. When we are not saying a word but just being present offering support, that’s a beautiful thing.

We cannot live without breathing. The breath that we breathe, when kindly spoken, is the same healing breath that restores a broken spirit. There is beauty in words. When we are living the beautiful parts of us whether in the gentle words spoken, sharing experiences, or simply living our lives together in awe of nature, beauty breathes life into living and that’s a beautiful thing.

Astro Writing: “The Frequency of Beauty” by Felecia for Astro Frequencies

                                                                                                                     I Am

I am is a definitive declaration: I am tall, I am smart, I am shy… I am me. There is no wavering in this declaration like maybe or I think such and such. No, I am is absolutely stated as the condition of the being. Declaring I am supports the nature of the ego. The part of the mind that gives one a special sense of personal identity. The personal name also distinguishes us as being our own self, a person. In western society, the baby takes a breath and soon after, data pertaining to the birth such as the weight, time and date of birth are recorded along with the name. A birth certificate is issued officially validating the birth of an individual, human being.

With the birth of a newborn, come responsibilities for both the newborn, parents and whoever gives the baby care.

The baby while in its mother’s womb, has all of its needs met: nourishment, warmth and protection. Once born, the baby must now perform many more of its basic, vital functions for itself such as breathing and eating.

As the baby grows and develops, it takes on more independence and begins to realize that it has power! The baby knows, “my parent(s) brings me food and water, bathes me, changes my diapers and I know how to get attention, cry and they will come. Yes, they know I am the boss!”

The baby’s ego is developing. Sometimes the ego gets a bad wrap especially when it is overblown thinking the world revolves solely around their individual person. However, the development of the ego is an absolute must to establish an individual as an individual entity and not just an appendage of someone other than who they are.

After going through the various stages of human development, physical maturity is attained. Upon reaching twenty-one, in western culture, the child is now legally recognized as being an adult which bestows all of certain adult privileges with expectation of behavior characteristic of a responsible adult.

At this point, one probably has a lot more I ams to declare: I am _____, I am the son or daughter of  _____, I am the spouse of _____, I am employed or going to school at ______ and so on. There have been many more developments that define who you are.

Once out in this big world of ours, based on your past experiences, you try to navigate your way through a whole host of worldly possibilities. I think most of us seek happiness or at least some form of contentment. There are some of us who are exceptional and consciously pursue self-realization/actualization and utilizing the knowledge gained from their pursuits, endeavor to make the world a better living experience for all of us. These people are treasured but not all of us seek such lofty achievements.

Each and everyone of us can have lives rich in the full spectrum of life: joy, happiness, grief, disappointment, courage, truth and of course, love. Our life’s mission changes as we change. When babies, our life’s mission may just be to get our diapers changed, a bottle, or to hear the voice of our mother. As adults, our life’s mission is much more complex and versatile aimed at being wholly responsible for ourselves while making the most of our learned and inherent talents and skills.

Here, making the most of who you are can be assisted in so many ways: socialization, education, physical labor, and making the most of life’s trials and tribulations. There are many bodies of thought to help us integrate life’s experiences: philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, astrology, the arts and many more.

If our goal is to understand the wholeness of life and more specifically understand our own individual existence, we have the advantage of revered scholars who have given us great bodies of work to ponder, study and practice that offer methods we can make use of to approach our own personal journey of self exploration. There is a plethora of information available to us but it is up to us to choose our focus.

Not everyone was born to be great: a president, a monarch, a doctor, an inventor, a scholar, an author or even a parent but we can still use our own personal talents to achieve the greatness known as I am.

Astro Writing: “I Am” by Felecia for Astro Frequencies
© 2019