Behold The Mystique Of The Full Moon

Aries ♈ Activate The Energy!

October’s Full Moon in Aries (Sunday, October 9th, 2022 @ 1:55 pm PT)

FULL MOON today in Aries ♈ ruled by Mars, the planet of war, desire, sexual desire, aggression, anger, action and the survival instincts. How will this driving energy affect you?

Aries is a masculine, cardinal, fire sign. Cardinal makes reference to the initiating quality of Aries and being of the fire modality, hot with passion.

You may have lots of energy and you know you must do something, some activity that gets your muscles moving and your blood stirring. This might include working out at home or at the gym, re-arranging the living room or bedroom furniture, playing contact sports, a day at the amusement park or making love. 

You may find yourself compromising less while forging ahead with your own agenda. This may be beneficial for those who are normally timid but for those who are normally assertive and even aggressive, this could make for volatile interactions with others. We have to attempt to consciously avoid impulsive actions which we may come to regret.

The light of the moon is brightest at the full moon signaling times of revelation. Something about you, someone else or circumstances may be revealed to you. Sometimes we are unaware of the thoughts or feelings subconsciously living underneath the surface which affect us unknowingly. A full moon can bring these beneath-the-surface stirrings to our consciousness and where we can acknowledge them. 

Being more aware of what affects our behavior is powerful just like the energy of Mars and Aries, the domain of this full moon. 

We can use the power of the Mars/Aries energy to make improvements in our lives. Without the driving energy of Mars, we may not even want to get out of the bed to start our day. Mars propels us forward with the punch and potency needed to accomplish  our desires. 

There are times when it’s good to be selfish in order to make those strides we need to achieve however, make sure to temper actions when necessary to avoid impulsive actions that may hurt others.

If you have found yourself procrastinating about cleaning out the garage, or starting a workout routine or writing that book, or asking that special someone out on a date, a full moon in Aries can turn that little, inner spark into a vibrant flame that warms and illuminates you, those around you and those burning desires.

Let’s Go!

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Pisces ♓ Intuit The Possibilities!

September’s Full Moon in Pisces (Saturday, September 10, 2022 @ 2:59 am PT)

Pisces is a receptive, mutable, water sign making it more susceptible to emotional, feeling energies and is therefore known for intuition, compassion, empathy, music and dance to name some descriptions of Pisces. The sign before Pisces is Aquarius which is known for independence, free spirit and tends to be less emotional. Following Aquarius and being the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces has access to the repository of universal experience.

Pisces harbors a collection of emotions giving Pisceans the ability to tap into the subtler, ethereal realms. Yes, Pisceans can be very loving bestowing unconditional love upon their beloved seemingly able to ignore the harsh faults others can see in their loved ones. These types of martyr-like characteristics can become excessive and wreak havoc on these natives. 

Extreme selflessness to the point of losing one’s self in another is unhealthy and Pisceans often pay the price seen in expressions of addiction and dependence.

The moon is full in Pisces means the sun is in the sign of Virgo (the full moon is always opposite the sun sign and this sun/moon opposition is the definition of a full moon). Virgo is a very practical earth sign concerned with implementing the methodologies of getting things accomplished in our physical, 3-D world. 

The saying, “moderation in all things” is appropriate for the Piscean as their gifts of love, compassion and artistry are the universally valued, uplifting qualities from which we all benefit.

It is the balance of Pisces and Virgo, blending  gifted talent with tangible productivity, that yields the desired rewards and accolades so many of us admire.  

With a full moon in Pisces, go ahead and share your love within reason!

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Written by Felecia Harte for Astro Frequencies © 2022; click About Felecia to learn more!

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Aquarius ♒ Envision The Possibilities!

August’s Full Moon in Aquarius (Thursday, August 11, 2022 @ 6:36 pm PT)

Aquarius is an air sign and thus more of a mental sign dealing with a milieu of ideas. Although Aquarians are known to be independent, they do concern themselves with ways to make life better for the collective whether that be socially, economically, environmentally, they envision ways to change the established, accepted traditions and sometimes that change invokes expelling long held customs for more revolutionary change.

On a more personal level, you may find someone who is eccentric and a non-conformist as they prefer to do things their own inventive way. If you see someone dressed uniquely or espousing unusual ideas, chances are they have a strong Aquarius influence in their natal chart.

This full moon in Aquarius is conjuncting the planet Saturn and is squaring the planet Uranus. The moon reflects our emotions and with Saturn’s influence, the show of emotions can be limited. With the moon meeting up with Saturn, we may find ourselves wanting to be alone. Even if we can’t be alone, we can feel alone.

The full moon’s square aspect to Uranus represents quite a different energy than the Moon-Saturn aspect. The 90-degree square aspect is a call to action. The Uranus-Moon square may make us feel like we have to do something and that call to action may cause us to act before we think.

This pull back and push forward energy can be confusing as we have conflicting energies at work. This is how Astrology can be so helpful: forewarned is forearmed. Chances are that after the next few days, you will realize some important ideas or changes have made an impact on your life.  

When interacting with Aquarian energy, think: “always expect the unexpected!”

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Written by Felecia Harte for Astro Frequencies © 2022; click About Felecia to learn more!

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July’s Full Moon in Capricorn (Wednesday, July 13, 2022 @ 11:37 am PT)

Full moons are when the sun and moon are directly opposite, 180 degrees, one another and are times when things come to fruition or revealed to us. The light of the full moon not only lights up our physical paths but sheds light on some the circumstances of our life as well. This harkens back to the saying: “As Above So Below”.

The earth and the celestial heavens mirror one another. The Capricorn archetype resonates with the planet, Saturn and Capricorn natives are known to be ambitious, practical, goal-oriented, hard workers and persevere when others give up. With this full moon, we may find ourselves focused on our careers, achievements, personal/professional business and working on putting our lives in a more organized and efficient manner. Perhaps you update your resume, clean out your closets, free up space on your tech devices making them more efficient or you do a much needed balancing of your checkbook so that you can stay within budget. There is another element to this full mean though that makes it very potent: this Capricorn full moon meets up with powerful Pluto.

Pluto is a power player. Pluto holds dominion over birth, rebirth, life and death. Depending on the astrological aspects, Pluto changes can be subtle or massive. Through Pluto’s qualities of  transformation and transmutation, he is very much the alchemist capable of changing one form into another totally unrelated form. Pluto can affect dynamic physical and psychological changes that last and never revert back to their previous states.

So when this Capricorn full moon joins Pluto, let’s just say, “it’s intense”. We may find ourselves in power struggles at work and at home as we go about our everyday lives. This combo accounts for so much energy, that we can become workaholics allowing nothing and no one to come between us and our goals. There is nothing wrong with having goals but we must respect other people as well. However, there is the possibility of power struggles and power plays a few days before and after this full moon.

Just beware: if you find yourself involved in a  power play, just chill, relax and be strategic ensuring that as the power struggle plays itself out, you don’t get played. ~from the Harte ❤ for ASTRO FREQUENCiES © July, 2022


January’s Full Moon in Leo (Saturday, Jan 9, 2020 @ 11:33 pm PT)

Come From The Heart ❤

There’s a big, beautiful Full Moon in Leo Saturday, February 8th, 2020 at 11:33pm. The sun is in the sign of Aquarius and the mystical moon is sitting directly across from the sun in Leo. This full moon energy is undeniable; be ready!

Full moons in general are times of culmination; when we can see the results of a project or something important to us personally. In Leo, it may concern creative efforts or matters of the heart. Perhaps you find out how your boss feels about a special project you have been working on or you find out where you stand in a romantic relationship.

At the times of  full moons, we are stirred up. But with the full moon making its entrance in Leo, it’s time for the show to begin. Show your self-expression, show what’s in your heart, show your creativity, show your passion, show your courage to be the true you, show the fun-loving side of you and show the world who you really are!

There is no taking a back seat when the full moon is in Leo! The strongest affects of the full moon last the few days surrounding the full moon which takes through the weekend. You don’t want to just sit at home and if you do, you will be doing something fun at home like dancing or having friends over. But you will probably feel like getting outdoors for some outdoor sports activities.

No matter the activity, a Leo full moon wants you to come from the heart. Let ‘em hear you roar!

Written by Felecia Harte for Astro Frequencies © 2020; click About Felecia to learn more!

January’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer (Friday, Jan 10, 2020 @ 11:21 am PT)

                                                                                   Cancer’s Full Moon: Emotion Commotion?

The Lunar Eclipse today in Cancer 11:21am PT is first of the new year 2020 and of the decade! Cancer is the sign of home, family, emotions and rules the stomach and breasts. Cancer is the nurturing part of us; the part that wants to feel safe and secure. This full moon lunar eclipse is in its home sign of Cancer and therefore it’s lunar qualities are more heightened just as rising ocean tides occur too at full moons.

However, today we may feel the need to be at home, to clean our houses, cook a hearty meal, express our emotions more easily, get in touch with family and may be somewhat nostalgic. Our homes are our base of operations and our early childhood represents “our roots” and is where we first experienced what family feels like. A lot of our emotional makeup was established at this time. Home is where we feel more free to be ourselves as we are in the safe, secure confines of home and we can be more of who we are without the facades we present to the outer world.

Today you may find yourself thinking about or perhaps even longing for the past. This may make some of us moody and even experience a bit of melancholy. Actually the word lunar, referring to the moon, is the root of the word lunacy which makes one respond in an erratic or eccentric manner sometimes relying more on our emotional stirrings than on reality and cold, hard facts.  Most of us will be at work or school when this full moon occurs where demands for performance remain high although we would prefer to snuggle up by the fire with a warm cup of tea. This full moon is on Friday so do your best to make it through the day knowing you can be at home over the weekend.

Also, a full moon lunar eclipse makes for an activated moon in and of itself but this one is especially so as it is enhanced by multiple planets, a stellium, positioned in Capricorn and the moon residing in Capricorn’s opposing, or what some might call complementary sign of Cancer. Astrologers call these signs that vary in element and 180 degrees apart, an opposition. This face-to-face opposition interaction emphasizes me-you relationships necessitating us to negotiate for personal, desired outcomes. This “meeting of the minds” could cause conflict but could also make for an opportune time to clear the air. Knowing where these energies are placed in your own astrological chart, would help with giving you some understanding of how this lunar eclipse can play out for you personally as eclipse energies can last for six months!

Perhaps an initial conflict could turn into a stronger relationship as the energies confronting the moon today definitely emphasize relating to each other. The astrological symbol for the sign Cancer is the crab. The crab has a hard outer shell but its insides are soft. Remembering that although people may present themselves in a no nonsense, demanding way today, they too have a soft inside so just be mindful of the potential these aspects have. This lunar eclipse in Cancer can help us get our needs met allowing us to not only feed our stomachs but warm our hearts as well!

Let’s ride the tides of this full moon lunar eclipse!

Written by Felecia Harte for Astro Frequencies © 2020; click About Felecia to learn more! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

December’s Full Moon in Gemini (Wednesday, December 11, 2019 @ 9:12 pm PT)

                                                            Gemini’s Full Moon: Speak up but Think Before You Speak!

Full moons light up the night. Full moons excites the oceans causing high tides. The ocean becomes more forceful thrashing about pounding the shores. The full moon also affects us as we are mostly water and we can become more excitable too. At this time, we need to try and be more aware of our moods and emotions as we do not want to make rash comments that may hurt others.

Since our emotions tend to escalate at the time of the full moon, it might be more productive to take advantage of our heightened emotions by doing something creative or artistic. In the sign of communication, Gemini, maybe write in your journal or diary. If you don’t have one, now would be a good time to start one. This would not only help you organize your thoughts and emotions but you could visually see what you’re feeling. If you have something you want to get off of your chest, you can see your words before you speak them. Communication is a 2-way street. If you want to really be understood, you have to speak to others in such a way that they will listen.

Gemini is a mutable air sign which makes Gemini natives flexible, intelligent and outgoing. Some of the challenges Geminians need to watch out for is being gossipy and indecisive. When the moon is full we all have the tendency to take on some of these qualities, some more than others but the full moon energy is in the ethers so be aware!

It’s a good time for socializing, writing, speaking, arts and crafts, running errands and such.

Be kind and thoughtful but just get busy!

Written by Felecia Harte for Astro Frequencies © 2019; click About Felecia to learn more! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

November’s Full Moon in Taurus (Tuesday, November 12, 2019 @ 5:34 am)



                                                                  Taurus Full Moon: Come With Love and Beauty!

Here we are at the time of the fullness of the moon. It is amazing how orderly the universe is; we can depend on the new and full moons occurring every month about every two weeks like clockwork! When you stop and think about this, it is mind-blowing. The moon traverses with such precision alternating from new moon to full every month. It is because of this precise rhythm that many cultures have measured time and the timing of events by the moon’s cycles.

Just a mere two weeks prior, we were in the midst of a new moon in Scorpio nudging us to go within, shed what no longer supported our growth and wellbeing in order to regenerate and begin afresh.

As the moon crescendos, the brightness of the full moon beckons to us to venture out, to explore, as the darkness is now illuminated showing us paths we could not see before. The universal frequencies that connect one with all and all with one seem to be vibrating at a higher level during this time causing us to go forth within ourselves and beyond ourselves all at once. Our sense of self, of being with ourselves, with others, and as beings of the cosmos, is heightened with the mystical presence of the full moon.

As the full moon makes its entrance, we also try to understand what its appearance means for us in our everyday lives. Actually, humankind has observed and recorded these lunar cycles for centuries noting its affects upon us.  Here on earth, we have a bird’s eye view of its phases and can witness its affects.

This month, this full moon will be presiding in the sign of Taurus, a fixed, earth sign. Fixed meaning that it’s stable as opposed to a cardinal or mutable sign and being in the element of earth, the focus is on our physical world, with an emphasis on more down-to-earth matters so to speak.

Taurus resonates with the planet of Venus which has dominion over beauty, money and love. We can surely relate to these subjects; they have daily affects on our lives and our way of living. So with this full moon shining its light in Taurus, it is a good time to pay attention to such matters.

You may want to update your checkbook, review how to improve your monthly budget expenditures or see what improvements can be made with financial investments. Beauty treatments are favored. You may want to give yourself a facial, a manicure/pedicure, trim your hair or try a new hairstyle. In your home, you may want to clean the carpets, dust and polish the furniture, clean your closets, was the car, etc.

Taureans love the finer things in life so you may want to have nice meal with friends and family. Or you may just want to have a quiet, romantic candlelit dinner with your significant other using your finest tableware. This is a good time to solidify your love by showing in a meaningful way, how much you care for each other. Taureans respond to sensual pleasures such as a bubble bath, nice music, or a massage with their favorite body oil.

There is a caveat: Mercury is still in retrograde during this full moon so best not to make big, substantial changes such as completely changing your looks with a new hair color, buying an expensive, new wardrobe or expensive items in general, or making big, important alterations to your financial portfolios. With Mercury retrograde, until November 20th, it’s okay to review or tweak these matters but best to save really big changes until after Mercury goes direct.

However, you can still ride the tide of this Taurus full moon by making life better in practical but loving ways!

Cheers to the good life; let’s enjoy our full moon in Taurus!

Written by Felecia Harte for Astro Frequencies © 2019; click About Felecia to learn more!


October’s Full Moon in Aries (Sunday, October 13, 2019 @ 2:08 pm PT)

Aries Full Moon: Come With Fire!

The element of fire lights up the way; it warms the heart and the soul. Fire also has a more practical purpose as a torch or candle lights up our paths in the dark of the night. Fire draws us into it, consuming us with an inner passion that won’t be denied. The warmth of the fire warms not only the body, it’s fiery nature lends itself to inspirational creations such as music, dance, art, and raise the temperature of the soul. Fire sign natives attract people who are pulled in by their vitality just as the sun exerts a gravitational pull on the planets.

Aries is the first of the fire sign triplicities with Leo and Sagittarius completing the triad, second and third respectively. Aries is a muscular fire sign, strong, and full of initiative. Aries is ruled by the god of war, Mars, in Roman mythology and Ares, in Greek mythology. In other words, in the zodiac sign of Aries, energy is upfront and in your face.

The actual planet, Mars, is a hard, rocky body and is given charge in immediate and concrete matters, the kind that call for direct action. The direct action of Mars catalyzes energy into the effort needed to push through difficult tasks thus, allowing the impetus necessary to achieve the desired objectives. This is especially helpful when challenging matters call for an ample amount of assertiveness.

Just imagine taking advantage of the Mars ruled Aries energy trailblazing the way to your victory over obstacles. Sayings like, “ride with the tides” and “go with the flow” describe how using the full moon’s electromagnetism, in the sign of Aries, aids in propelling forward.

At the time of full moons, the moon stands directly across from the sun bathing in the sun’s light. During this time, the full moon causes the dark of the night to dim. The full moon as filtered by the astrological sign that it’s in, can help us to see both literally and figuratively as this is the time when we may have more understanding of how to identify and resolve issues or at least be aware of them.

However, all is not facile at this full moon in Aries because it clashes with Pluto, in Capricorn, the ruler of Hades, the underworld, power and transformation so although the Aries full moon may have us fired up and ready to go, we still need to be cautious of possible emotional power plays that could involve home, family members or females as these are ruled by the moon or even internal, subdued emotions within ourselves that may burst forward at this time.

All in all, we have to navigate the celestial influences as they occur. Some cosmic influences project us forward and others may cause tension but at any rate, it is the awareness and better understanding of the cosmic climate that can modify our reactions into behaviors that more readily serve our best interests.

This writing serves as an interpretation of the environs, at this time, of the full moon in the fire sign of Aries. **********************************************************************************

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