Phases of the Moon                                                                                                                                       Image courtesy of Spit-Fire

                                                            Aquarius’ ♒ New Moon: What’s On Your Mind?

Today’s new moon at 1:42pm PT in Aquarius marks the first new moon of the year and of the decade!

Aquarius’ frequency vibrates with Astrology, technology, humanitarianism, social networking, brilliant ideas and innovation to name a few fields of experience that Aquarius is known for. With a new moon, both the sun and moon are snuggled together in Aquarius which fortifies this energy and let’s not forget that Mercury entered Aquarius January 16th where it will hang out for its usual, roughly, three weeks. Aquarians are known for their quirkiness and innovation. With Mercury, the communicator, joining the moon and sun, makes for tantalizing table talk!

With all of this Aquarianism going on, be ready for sudden unexpected events that seem to just come out of the blue. However, Mercury does well in Aquarius allowing us to tap into creative if not brilliant reservoirs of ideas to help us meet the unforeseen challenges.

This is a good time to connect with friends, join organizations, perhaps learn some new computer apps or catch up on your social media. You may even want to take up Astrology or book a reading with your favorite Astrologer. Whatever you decide to explore for the next few days make sure it’s stimulating and exciting!

And don’t forget to set your intentions, which are best set in the areas Aquarius rules, during this new moon, for what you want to manifest in your life!

Written by Felecia Harte: About Felecia for Astro Frequencies
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New Moon Solar Eclipse


We have the last eclipse of the decade occurring today, Christmas, at 9:13pm PT.

This is a new moon eclipse meaning the sun and moon will be in an aspect astrologer’s call conjunct when the sun and moon are in alignment together in the same part of the sky.

This solar eclipse will be in the sign of Capricorn at 4 degrees. A solar eclipse in any astrological sign is very significant because this sun/moon powwow gives off a powerful amount of energy and this particular energy is expressed through the frequency of the cardinal, earth sign Capricorn: goal-oriented, ambitious, practical and will hustle to attain objectives. Saturn holds dominion over this sign so slow and steady progress can bring long lasting results.  

Ordinarily a solar eclipse is a powerhouse in its own right but today’s solar eclipse is conjunct Jupiter and receiving a beautiful vibration from Uranus, wow! Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system so it can render massive results and quirky Uranus can effect innovative but sometimes unexpected events. This energy facilitates opportunities for making concrete gains not limited to the following but in business, government or real estate by implementing innovative strategies to improve an existing project or beginning something totally new! 

These aspects are occurring during the holidays but eclipse energy can last for six months or more. Setting your intentions, things you want to achieve, at this solar eclipse bodes well for successful outcomes. The better time for setting intentions would not be exactly on December 25 at 9:13pm PT but on December 26 as the moon is not void of course and will assist more in pushing energy forward. If you’re enjoying holiday festivities at the exact time of the solar eclipse, no worries, intentions can be set within the first 4 days of the eclipse. You can absolutely meditate on any area of your life at any time in order to manifest what you desire but why not intend what you want at the more optimal time?

Everybody has all of the 12 astrological signs in their birth charts. Knowing where Capricorn is in your chart, could help you set more specific intentions. Depending on the astrological house, field of experience, Capricorn appears in your chart, that’s the area of focus for your specific intentions. If you don’t know where Capricorn is in your natal chart, you can still make use of this powerful energy by focusing your intentions on the matters of Capricorn such as getting organized or setting short and longterm plans for accomplishing career goals. 

A super solar eclipse on Christmas, Santa is really doing it REAL BIG!

Written by Felecia Harte: About Felecia for Astro Frequencies
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                                    November’s New Moon In Sagittarius (November 26th, 2019 @ 7:05 am PT) 

New moons are a great time to start something totally new or to implement new strategies for existing projects! The energy of
the new moon will give you that extra thrust to put your ideas into action.

A new moon in Sagittarius is a good time to make those new beginnings in areas related to the Sagittarius frequencies such as
travel, higher education, philosophy, exploration and just about anything that is exciting and fun-loving.

Have you always wanted to travel to a far-away, exotic land to experience the people and culture? Have you always wanted to go back to school to get that degree? This is the time to make your plans to do so. With Saj, goals are more attainable and Saj is up for a challenge especially with this new moon in your own sign.

We all have Sagittarius in one of the 12 sectors in our astrological charts. Where in your chart does Sagittarius reside? Of course,
this energy will manifest no matter what but if you know exactly where Sagittarius is in your own personal astrology chart, you can synergize this energy specifically in order to render the best results for you.

This new moon energy will affect the whole planet for the next few days! Do something interesting and exciting today; let that bold Sagittarius fire in you free!

A few famous Sagittarians: Jimi Hendrix, Brad Pitt, Winston Churchill, Mary Queen of Scots, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Russel Wilson, Taylor Swift and today, Tina Turner celebrates her 80th birthday-Happy birthday, Ms. Turner!

Today is a day to, “Go for it!”

November’s New Moon in Sagittarius
ritten by Felecia Harte: About Felecia for Astro Frequencies
© November 2019

                                                 October’s New Moon In Scorpio (October 27th, 2019 @ 7:38 pm PT) 

A new moon is when the sun, conscious masculine energy, and the moon, subconscious, feminine energy, join forces. When these two bodies come together, this charged combo gives off a lot of energy! This is why new moons are potent for beginning new projects and making fresh starts.

There are a couple of days when the new moon is dark, we cannot see the moon with the naked eye. This is the initial coming together of the sun and moon as a couple when their individual temperaments are merging. The sign where this union occurs not only affects these two celestial bodies but has implications for the individual depending on where this falls in their particular, astrological chart.

October 27th, 2019, this rendezvous takes place in the mystical sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed water sign; a characteristic that lends itself to the deep intensity we can experience in people with the sign Scorpio.

Just as there is duality reflected in the very nature of life in general: day and night, hot and cold, summer and winter, love and fear, etc., the same holds true for the signs of the zodiac. And thus, Scorpio can soar to the highest levels of manifestation displaying strength and fortitude at times of crisis to the lower realms of preying on those who are vulnerable.

This new moon in Scorpio has so much potential for transforming our lives! This is where knowledge of Astrology is so powerful; we can align our energies with the cosmic energies to produce a synergistic affect. Scorpio represents emotional power and we can use this power to make changes that affect us at the core of who we are. These type of changes are not about beautifying ourselves with a new hair color or wardrobe which can be the outward effects but Scorpio changes us at the depths of who we are in a very profound way: kicking addictions, leaving unhealthy relationships, starting a new career or business and so on.

Not all Scorpio motivated changes have to be life-altering transformations on a grand scale, but there are inner emotional stirrings that can come to our awareness presenting as a need for adjustment or elimination. These changes no matter how small or grandiose, when made for the betterment of ourselves or others, can represent pivotal points in the direction and quality of life.

Knowledge seekers, all of the zodiac signs represent fields of human experience. At this time, with this new moon in Scorpio season–being honest with yourself about who you are, what is working and what is not– offers you the ticket to an internal journey to those seemingly far away places, but within your reach, where you can make those fresh starts and begin life anew.

Let’s journey into our Scorpio new moon!

October’s New Moon in Libra
ritten by Felecia Harte: About Felecia for Astro Frequencies
© Octoberber 2019


September’s New Moon In Libra (September 28th, 2019 @ 11:26 am PT) 

The moon goes through various phases in the course of it’s orbit around the earth. The moon makes a journey around the earth about every twenty-eight to twenty-nine days. Unlike the beams of the full moon which light up our nights, at the time of the new moon, the night is dark and we must provide our own night light.

During the moon’s journey, it makes various angular, mathematical connections with the sun. At the time of the full moon, the moon is about one hundred and eighty degrees away from the sun and lines up directly across from each other with the earth in the middle. This is what is known as a full moon. The new moon on the other hand, joins the moon in the same sign and degree of longitude. It’s when the two great luminaries, one the ruler of the day and the other the ruler of the night, of our planet rekindle their relationship so to speak. Depending on where in the sky these two rendezvous, determines if this will be an engagement of harmony or discord.

It’s a time of reset, renewal, a refresh if you will, every month starting anew is supported by this celestial coupling. A tryst in Aries could result in a lively, fiery tango, in Cancer, more sensitive and emotional snuggle, in Capricorn, the confab is more about manifesting in practical and material matters. In Libra, it’s all about relating, a gentle meeting of the minds. Matters are not always harmonious in Libra, as each arises with its own ideas and thoughts which can result in a whirlwind of words when the confab gets heated but in the end, with Libra, it’s all about sharing, the good and the bad.

Let’s enjoy our Libra new moon!

September’s New Moon in Libra
Written by Felecia Harte: About Felecia for Astro Frequencies
© September 2019



                                                          Moon Phases

New Moon

The eight phases of the moon represent change reminding us that not only does nothing stay stagnant in our physical world here on earth but the same holds true for the whole of the solar system. The moon renews itself every month in a different part of the sky and is influenced by aspects from other planetary frequencies. The moon’s rhythmic movements support and urge us to continue adapting to the changes occurring around us everyday.
The moon’s cyclic fluctuations is a natural phenomenon and is an example of how we all have the ability to begin anew whether commencing new projects or renewing existing ones.  The moon is “reborn” once a month and its rebirth calls for fresh concepts that lead to fresh beginnings! Forethought is the key, at this stage, to devising plans with the best chance of succeeding.
Keywords: Contemplation, Reflection, New ideas


At this phase, we can activate our new ideas. That tiny sliver of the moon whispers I am back and moving forward!  We may need to enlist the help of others in order to implement the research we began at the new moon so we too can move forward. This is where that Aries energy can work so well; call upon the Aries in you!
Keywords: Implementation; Initiation; Execution of ideas


As we know, just because we have a plan, everything is not always going to fall right into place. We have to be ready to make revisions to our plans to overcome obstacles. If others represent adversity, we may need to be diplomatic to reach our objectives; bring out the Libra in you. Also at this potentially challenging time, you want to stay focused. Remember how the mountain goat steadily climbs to the mountain top; bring out the Capricorn in you! Don’t let obstacles or conflict stop your forward momentum. You have a dream, a plan and you can do it!
Keywords: Directed action; Moving forward; Advancement


A perfect time to methodically examine how your plan is coming together. What is working? What needs tweaking? Examine what adjustments can be made to ensure the best outcomes. Now there should be a good amount of analysis and feedback for you to know if your project needs further adaptations or is going as you envisioned. Critical thinking is key; bring out the Virgo in you!
Keywords: Critical thinking; Discriminating; Perfecting


As we emulate the phases of the moon, a full moon brings us illumination. The moon is bright and many things come to light. The same is true here; we can see what our efforts have brought forth. It is time to decide if further expansion is warranted or if more evaluating is necessary. No matter, at this stage, we now have  knowledge of where we stand. We may even have a Eureka moment, that Aquarian energy!
Keywords: Revelation; Full exposure; Illumination, Unfoldment


If all has gone as planned, we may want to share our experience with business associates and friends on social media. If we have further perfecting to do, we may still want to involve our friends as they may give us insights to help us move forward in a more enlightened manner. Who disseminates information for better or worse than Gemini?; call on the Gemini in you and your Gemini friends for even better results!
Keywords: Sharing; Social Media; Public


At the last quarter, there again may be some adversity. Even if all has gone as planned, there could be some sort of conflict with others or within yourself. Success can bring doubts about future plans and can cause others to want to advise you on how to move forward. Of course, if plans have not gone well, there definitely has to be some further consideration. Not a time to pivot to something totally new as there could only be a 50/50 chance of getting a project off the ground at this time.
Keywords: Self-doubt; Consider options; Move Forward; Reassess


At this stage, the moon is winding down perhaps gathering its strength for its next debut, a sort of regenerative period readying for its next big event in the next sign so not a time for beginning new projects.. This is a time repose, rest and surrender. We have done our work and now is a time to reflect on ourselves. May be a perfect time to get a massage or enjoy a relaxing bath. Pisces know how to do this well; bring out the Pisces in you. Although an unfavorable time for beginning something new, the balsamic moon is favorable for closing something, putting it behind us, and for endings in general. A time for personal reflection, tying up loose ends.
Keywords: Surrender; Transition; Repose

Written by Felecia Harte: About Felecia, for Astro Frequencies
© October 2019