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Scorpio, bring out that hidden part of you  


Don’t be afraid to be who you are… Scorpio Season lets it all hang out


Yes, October 25th, 2022 we have a new moon in Scorpio as the 23rd of the month commences Scorpio Season! Scorpio is a fixed, water sign. What is fixed water? Ice. Scorpios can be as cold as ice but they also have a mysterious side we all find fascinating. We want to explore that secret side of Scorpio: what they keep hidden below the surface. 

Natives born in the sign of Scorpio seem to be in touch with energies that run deep not only in our physical beings but also in our psyche. They are careful in how they interact with others. They may seem friendly enough but you get the feeling there is a lot more than they are willing to reveal.


The new moon is a time to begin anew. We get this opportunity once a month in one of the twelve signs. In Scorpio, we have the opportunity to make complete transformations in our lives. We can make up minds to and do kick bad habits such as drug addictions, one-sided relationships and self-defeating obsessions.

It’s no coincidence Halloween is celebrated during Scorpio season. Halloween is a day to do spooky, scary stuff. We can be a witch, vampire, ghost, goblin or even a superhero. On this day, we can become whoever we want, be another person.


Scorpios also have a reputation for being sexy. Anatomically, the sign of Scorpio rules the sex organs and it is the act of intercourse that plants the seeds of life. In this respect, new moons are similar to Scorpio in that the new moon plants the seeds of new beginnings just as Scorpio ejects the seeds of life. 

Birth, death and rebirth are all associated with this sign. Scorpio has the energy to rise to the highest highs and the potential to sink to the lowest lows of society.


Scorpios are the stewards of a deep, hidden power. Involvement with a Scorpio allows you to experience the depths of life, good and bad. Although you may lose yourself while on that magical ride soaring with a Scorpio on the wings of the thrill of the unknown, don’t forget there are two sides to every story and you may learn a lessen that stings for a lifetime.


But what the heck, it’s Scorpio season and a new moon…

Let’s Go!

written by Felecia Harte: About Felecia, for Astro Frequencies
© August, 2022


Getting The Job Done  

Virgo is a receptive, mutable, earth sign and is the 6th sign of the zodiac. Receptive signs are willing to accept information, mutable signs are variable, fluctuating and earth signs are practical as their energies are expressed towards obtaining tangible results.

Yes, Virgo is described as above but this astrological sign also holds such characteristics as discernment, organizational skills, hardworking, detailed analysis, methodical, health oriented, logic, precision, trivia and can be so consumed with minutiae that the saying “getting into the weeds”, meaning an overwhelming amount of detailed information, could apply to the Virgo archetype of desiring to know even the slightest bit of a circumstance.

Wanting to understand all aspects of a situation can assist in making the intangible, tangible. By using critical thinking to understand what elements are needed to attain a particular outcome, one can turn a dream into reality. 

Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury, the communicator, and accounts for their mental agility and well-developed styles of speech and writing. Journalism is a career suitable for combining writing skills with their attention to detail.

There is another side to Virgo that is concerned with living everyday life to the best possible. Virgos are health conscious keenly aware of the importance of how incorporating healthy lifestyles and habits into our daily routines aids in accomplishing our objectives.

Another commendable attribute is Virgos service to others and many Virgos choose careers in healthcare as nurses, doctors, dietitians, veterinarians and massage therapists. The zodiac sign complementing Virgo is Pisces. Pisceans are known for their spirituality. Virgos are able to show us how to fuse spirituality with practicality that emerges into charitable, uplifting gifts. 

If your home is full of clutter and disorganization, call on a Virgo! They will not only have your home organized with closets and cupboards clean, but your refrigerator full of nutritious foods and your checkbook balanced with bills paid if requested.

New moons give us energies of opportunity to make changes in our lives. If things are going well, we can make them better or if things are not going well, we can improve them. With a Virgo new moon, we have the ability to methodically evaluate our conditions and the skills and aptitude to make practical modifications that result not only in a better life in the area of focus but in the entirety of our lives.

Let’s clean out those closets!
written by Felecia Harte: About Felecia, for Astro Frequencies
© August, 2022

Moon Phases

New Moon

The eight phases of the moon represent change reminding us that not only does nothing stay stagnant in our physical world here on earth but the same holds true for the whole of the solar system. The moon renews itself every month in a different part of the sky and is influenced by aspects from other planetary frequencies. The moon’s rhythmic movements support and urge us to continue adapting to the changes occurring around us everyday.
The moon’s cyclic fluctuations is a natural phenomenon and is an example of how we all have the ability to begin anew whether commencing new projects or renewing existing ones.  The moon is “reborn” once a month and its rebirth calls for fresh concepts that lead to fresh beginnings! Forethought is the key, at this stage, to devising plans with the best chance of succeeding.
Keywords: Contemplation, Reflection, New ideas


At this phase, we can activate our new ideas. That tiny sliver of the moon whispers I am back and moving forward!  We may need to enlist the help of others in order to implement the research we began at the new moon so we too can move forward. This is where that Aries energy can work so well; call upon the Aries in you!
Keywords: Implementation; Initiation; Execution of ideas


As we know, just because we have a plan, everything is not always going to fall right into place. We have to be ready to make revisions to our plans to overcome obstacles. If others represent adversity, we may need to be diplomatic to reach our objectives; bring out the Libra in you. Also at this potentially challenging time, you want to stay focused. Remember how the mountain goat steadily climbs to the mountain top; bring out the Capricorn in you! Don’t let obstacles or conflict stop your forward momentum. You have a dream, a plan and you can do it!
Keywords: Directed action; Moving forward; Advancement


A perfect time to methodically examine how your plan is coming together. What is working? What needs tweaking? Examine what adjustments can be made to ensure the best outcomes. Now there should be a good amount of analysis and feedback for you to know if your project needs further adaptations or is going as you envisioned. Critical thinking is key; bring out the Virgo in you!
Keywords: Critical thinking; Discriminating; Perfecting


As we emulate the phases of the moon, a full moon brings us illumination. The moon is bright and many things come to light. The same is true here; we can see what our efforts have brought forth. It is time to decide if further expansion is warranted or if more evaluating is necessary. No matter, at this stage, we now have  knowledge of where we stand. We may even have a Eureka moment, that Aquarian energy!
Keywords: Revelation; Full exposure; Illumination, Unfoldment


If all has gone as planned, we may want to share our experience with business associates and friends on social media. If we have further perfecting to do, we may still want to involve our friends as they may give us insights to help us move forward in a more enlightened manner. Who disseminates information for better or worse than Gemini?; call on the Gemini in you and your Gemini friends for even better results!
Keywords: Sharing; Social Media; Public


At the last quarter, there again may be some adversity. Even if all has gone as planned, there could be some sort of conflict with others or within yourself. Success can bring doubts about future plans and can cause others to want to advise you on how to move forward. Of course, if plans have not gone well, there definitely has to be some further consideration. Not a time to pivot to something totally new as there could only be a 50/50 chance of getting a project off the ground at this time.
Keywords: Self-doubt; Consider options; Move Forward; Reassess


At this stage, the moon is winding down perhaps gathering its strength for its next debut, a sort of regenerative period readying for its next big event in the next sign so not a time for beginning new projects.. This is a time repose, rest and surrender. We have done our work and now is a time to reflect on ourselves. May be a perfect time to get a massage or enjoy a relaxing bath. Pisces know how to do this well; bring out the Pisces in you. Although an unfavorable time for beginning something new, the balsamic moon is favorable for closing something, putting it behind us, and for endings in general. A time for personal reflection, tying up loose ends.
Keywords: Surrender; Transition; Repose

Written by Felecia Harte: About Felecia, for Astro Frequencies
© 2021

Below is a description of the Aquarius new moon but the other 11 zodiac signs are coming soon!

                                                            Aquarius’ ♒ New Moon: What’s On Your Mind?

New moon in Aquarius 

Aquarius’ frequency vibrates with Astrology, technology, humanitarianism, social networking, brilliant ideas and innovation to name a few fields of experience that Aquarius is known for. With a new moon, both the sun and moon are snuggled together in Aquarius which fortifies this energy. Aquarians are known for their quirkiness and innovation. 

With all of this Aquarianism going on, be ready for sudden unexpected events that seem to just come out of the blue. 

This is a good time to connect with friends, join organizations, perhaps learn some new computer apps or catch up on your social media. You may even want to take up Astrology or book a reading with your favorite Astrologer. Whatever you decide to explore for the next few days make sure it’s stimulating and exciting!

And don’t forget to set your intentions, which are best set in the astrological houses, fields of earthly experience, areas Aquarius rules, during this new moon, for what you want to manifest in your life!

Written by Felecia Harte: About Felecia for Astro Frequencies
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New Moon Solar Eclipse

A new moon eclipse, meaning the sun and moon will be in an aspect astrologer’s call a conjunction; when the sun and moon are in alignment together in the same part of the sky.

A solar eclipse in any astrological sign is very significant because this sun/moon powwow gives off a powerful amount of energy and this particular energy is expressed through the frequency of the zodiac sign in which the new moon occurs.

A solar eclipse is a powerhouse in its own right and for beginning something totally new! 

Everybody has all of the 12 astrological signs in their birth charts. Knowing where the sign of the new moon is in your chart, could help you set more specific intentions. Depending on the astrological house, field of experience, the new moon appears in your chart, that’s the area of focus for your specific intentions. 

Written by Felecia Harte: About Felecia for Astro Frequencies
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