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Astrology is based on mathematical science but also interprets that science along with the frequencies, personalities, of the individual entity and celestial bodies to see how their correlations influence our lives here on earth. Over the centuries, astrology has long been useful in helping us to better understand not only ourselves but others and the world we live in. Our busy lives are filled with activities that cause us to focus on maintaining our day-to-day routines. However, we have an inner world that needs our attention too in order to bring balance and a sense of overall wellbeing. My personal readings help you tap into hidden, unrealized potential that can make your life more rewarding as you awaken to your own power matrix.

Your astrology reading offers an in-depth analysis of your birth chart which encompasses major aspects of your life such as family, relationships, work, career, etc. and will give you insight on how to navigate these areas in order to reap the benefits you desire.

The world we live in can be very hectic and challenging but you can be confident knowing you have the advantage of having me as your personal astrologer right there with you to give you that extra edge: identifying your astrological cycles and timing events for your best benefit!

In order to ensure the most accurate reading, the exact time, date, and place of birth is required. Once you have purchased a reading, I will contact you by your email address to arrange a telephonic reading. If you do not receive an email from me within 24 hours of your purchase, please email me at: Let’s make it happen!

Click the reading option of your choice: 1) Natal Reading, 60 min; 2) Natal plus Transits Reading, 75 min; or 3) Natal, Transit and Progressed Readings, 90 min (the most comprehensive).

1) Natal Chart Reading- energies surrounding you at birth. A map of your strengths, challenges and potentials.

2) Natal Chart Reading plus Transits- includes the above Natal Chart Reading plus current planetary transits. The current planetary transits add extra insight into how your natal birth aspects are affected by the current planetary positions.

3) Natal, Transit and Progressed Readings- a comprehensive reading that includes your natal, transiting and progressed aspects. As you evolve over time, so does your astrological charts. The progressed chart shows how your natal energies have progressed from the time of birth to current. Combining all 3, makes for a more informative reading.

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1.Natal Chart Reading, $75.00:

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  3. Natal, Transit and Progressed Reading, $150.00: