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Love is the highest state of being. Therefore self-love is the highest state of being you can have with yourself. We are all here for a reason. God or Source whatever you call All That Is, has a divine purpose for each and every soul. To love yourself,


Letting go does not mean forgetting. Letting go is a process; it doesn’t happen overnight and how could it? Life is for living and the best way to continue on life’s journey is to ‘let go’: to grieve, to remember, and to forever

THE EYES HAVE iT 👁 …The Widows Of The SouL

Look deep into the eyes… do they hold the secrets of the soul? These sight-seeking satellites, being in the cranium, have a direct connection to the brain. The eyes have a special mystique associated with more than seeing objects in our visual fields but


An Apology Is More Than Just Words…Misunderstandings can cause anger and frustration
but when people really open their hearts
to understanding the other person,
there is the opportunity for even greater