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BY MURRAY STASSEN, Music Business WorldWide
April, 2019

Cold Out Here- Surviving Winters Are Especially Harsh Even In Sunny California!

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COLD OUT HERE by Felecia Harte, Hartecast Music™

“Cold Out Here”only scratches the surface of homelessness as all the disabling effects of the homeless problems could not be addressed in a mere 5 minute music video. The purpose of “Cold Out Here” is to bring homelessness back to our consciousness as it seems to have become so prevalent that a lot of us have become immuned to this debilitating condition.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines homelessness as: people who are living in a place not meant for human habitation, in emergency shelter, in transitional housing, or are exiting in an institution where they temporarily reside.

According to the UK homelessness charity Crisis, a home is not just a physical space it also provides: roots, identity, security, a sense of belonging and a place of emotional wellbeing.

When there is no foundation upon which to feel rooted, there is uncertainty which may lead to depression and hopelessness as well as the plethora of associated problems: major mental illnesses, especially chronic schizophrenia, malnutrition, parasitic infestations, dental and periodontal disease, degenerative joint diseases, venereal diseases and many others.

The song, “Cold Out Here” was inspired by the trials and tribulations of life we all face. There are times, and for some many times, we get knocked down while working to progress in life. Many of us are fortunate enough to have family, friends or circumstances that allow us to overcome life’s hard knocks but there are others who are not so fortunate.

As we go about the business of living our daily lives with all of the frustrations we sometimes encounter when pursuing something we really want: a promotion, to buy a house, to have children, get that college education, to have our own apartment or whatever it might be, the homeless face even greater challenges. Their existence is about more than the average pursuits; it’s about something much more basic…survival.

Yes, we all face challenges everyday but the homeless face far greater challenges than those who have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies living in a place they can call home with a real address.

Let’s be more understanding of the people who may need our help whether that be a friend who needs someone to listen, a family member who needs a helping hand or the homeless we see struggling to stay alive. Give what you have to give: a smile, your time or donation but just give…

“Cold Out Here” video is up on

and the MP3 download is available on  under the RnB genre.

Wriiten by Felecia Harte for Hartecast Music™, 2019

How Do You Feel When You’re Lookin’ Good? ~from the Harte

(See the entire video on the VideoCast page

Everybody Wants To Look Good, Exude Confidence… Don’t You?

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry! Humans all over the globe from all cultures adorn themselves to look good. Here in the western world we spend big bucks on nips and tucks, hair coloring and styling, manicures/pedicures, diets and fitness, teeth whitening, not to mention fashion, shoes, make-up, etc

Why wouldn’t we spend money on these look good, feel good items? Afterall, our culture, as do others, promotes certain images of what lookin’ good is suppose to look like. Some of these beauty conceptions or misconceptions are changing but basically the big bucks of the beauty industry still revolve around the thin, fit, symmetrical features although plump, larger lips are in, have been for a long time, and are probably here to stay.

Attractiveness equals power! Supermodels make huge dollars, the really successful ones, make millions of dollars promoting beauty for their clients. We live in a capitalistic society where money equals power. If you have the looks, you have a better than average chance of making good money no matter what line of business you’re in, beauty or otherwise; good looks are marketable!

When it comes to being a supermodel– the ones we hold as the epitome of beauty– there is more to being a super model than looks. Let’s be honest, models have to know how to make the best of what they have by knowing how to look, move and project for the camera or the catwalk. However, you don’t have a chance to  to be in front of the camera or walk the catwalk if you don’t have the looks; looks will get you through the door.

The “Lookin’ Good” song and video are about what the title states, “Lookin’ Good”. The song was co-authored by Felecia Harte and Steve Krchniak. The lyrics written by Felecia Harte state, “I know, you know, we know, I’m lookin’ good!” When we’re lookin’ good, we’re feelin’ good and we exude a certain confidence that others respond to.

Speaking of responding, the model in the video, Tita Rosita, is someone who makes an emotional connection with the viewers! Tita has what was referred to earlier about models having that quality to project. She not only projects but captures every frame of the camera! Tita Rosita has “it” that star quality! See for yourself when you click and watch the “Lookin’ Good” video!  Tita makes wardrobe changes throughout the video but many viewers find that the bikini photos are their favorite as they are somewhat revealing but artistically presented.

The filming of the video is spectacular! Jernej Graj of JG Design does a wonderful job. Filmed on an exotic island, the cinematic imagery and vivid colors are beautiful. The theme of the video, the song with its lyrical content are all about lookin’ good so it is only apropos for the visuals to equal to its title and Jernej Gray does a fabulous job of this!

Indulge yourself, take a break and watch the “Lookin’ Good” video; to watch the entire video on Youtube, click the link You might find yourself lookin’ good and feelin’ good!

The “Lookin’ Good” MP3 download is available now on’s SongCast page click link here:

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~from the Harte
– Sept. 15, 2018 – OpenPR:


Is There A Perfect Life? by from the Harte

Woman on Tropical Island
Is There A Perfect Life?… by: from the Harte Print

A perfect life would probably mean something different to different people. For some, a perfect life may mean a committed relationship, a great business or job, fame, or to be healthy, and yet to others, just having that child they have always wanted would make life perfect. Therefore, perfection is not absolute but relative.

However, is there such a thing as a perfect life? It seems that perfection and life are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Perfection is static: the perfect tool for a job, the perfect dress for an occasion, the perfect song for a wedding, or the perfect words to soothe the pain of a friend. Once perfection is reached, then there is resolution and no further need. The definition of life includes the capacity for growth, reproduction and continual change. This very definition of life excludes perfection. Life is perpetual motion ceaseless in its quest to regenerate itself. This holds true in nature and in our human lives as well. A most obvious demonstration of this is that people give birth to offspring whose physical, psychological, social, and emotional development metamorphs through the continuum of life from infants to adults to old age.

As we course through life, we face the many dimensions of life: the joy of bringing a new life into the world, the happiness found in endearing relationships, and the trials and tribulations of losing a loved one. It is the latter, trials and tribulations, that present the greatest opportunities for growth; growth is one of the qualities of being alive. Growth and perfection do not exist together; there is either one or the other. The biggest challenges in life require the most effort and therefore represent the biggest opportunities for personal evolution.

One of the biggest challenges is loss: of employment, of home, wealth or of a loved one. These are the times we may have to stop and remove ourselves from the flow of life. These are the times for honest reflection and re-evaluation of the very core of who we are. It takes strength and courage for honest self-reflection. We may ask ourselves: what is going to happen to me? Perhaps the most piercing questions are who am I and do I have what it takes to carry on? There may even be self-doubt about having the strength and courage to carry on but all of us experience self-doubt. Self doubt is not a weakness when we have the audacity to continue life’s journey. Self-doubt is not what diminishes us but it is whether we have what it takes to stand in the arena of life, in the midst of the negative chatter, self-imposed or otherwise, and conquer our fears. This is what matters most.

I would ask not only is there a perfect life but can there be a perfect life? Perfection has its place in some finite situations but has no place in what we call life for life is to be lived. In order to partake in the joy of life and to meet its challenges, we need to be as free as the ocean tides and as vast as the universe.

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from the Harte,
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“Why Can’t You Remember” by: from the Harte

Felecia 06.23.2013

“Why Can’t You Remember”
by: from the Harte© 02/2016

Why can’t you remember
that you and I merged as two
Why can’t you remember
that two is only me and you

Why can’t you remember
you said we would never part
Why can’t you remember
to never wound my precious heart

Why can’t you remember
to forget the urge of fleeting lust
Why can’t you remember
in you, I put my faith and trust

Why can’t you remember
I gave you my all, my everything
Why can’t you remember
you gave to me a forever ring

Why can’t you remember
the day our son was born
Why can’t you remember
a broken home is for him to mourn

Why can’t you remember
all the things together we shared
Why can’t you remember
how heartily you said you cared

Why can’t you remember
the many tears over you I have cried
Why can’t you remember
I wiped your tears when your mother died

Why can’t you remember
when you had no worldly goods
Why can’t you remember
I gave to you all of mine that I could

Why can’t you remember
when you were sick lying in bed
Why can’t you remember
I held your hand and rubbed your head

Why can’t you remember
a broken heart hurts so bad
Why can’t you remember
you were the only one I ever had

Why can’t you remember
the golden words of the golden rule
Why can’t you remember
to hold me in your heart as I hold you

Why can’t you remember
there will be a price for you to pay
Why can’t you remember
you will long for me again someday

When you remember
I gave unto you all myself, my love
you will remember
that was all I was guilty of

written by Felecia Harte

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