MUSIC iS METAPHYSICAL ~from the Harte… Watch 👁 the video

MUSIC Takes Us Where We Need To Go…

Music is infinite. Music touches us in ways that transforms us and sometimes we can’t even explain how it makes us feel because Music iS Metaphysical.

Cosmic rhythms infiltrates every part of us to our very core exciting us both consciously and subconsciouly. We just know we’re on a magical ride and our destination is out of our control; the music takes us where we need to go…

Create, Edited and Audio-Synchronization by:
Felecia Harte for ASTRO FREQUENCiES 2021

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The Age Of Aquarius The Promise: All is One Watch The Video, Life is Inspiring!

The Age Of Aquarius/All is One

We are at the cusp of the dawning of a new age which spans approximately 2,000 years. During this Age of Aquarius, we are called to live in unity as a global community.

Each is an integral part of the whole. There will certainly be advances in technology however, it is our relationships to one another that is utmost important. Our physical bodies need food and water to survive but peace, compassion and love, one to all and all to one, is the hearty sustenance in which humankind survives and thrives.

When we are united in the victory of our global freedom, the warm frequency emanating from our planet earth, like a glowing star, will shine brightly far into the universe…

~by Felecia Harte of ASTRO FREQUENCIES For more information, go to ASTRO FREQUENCiES:…

THE LONGING: For What Was…hopefully this video serves as a catharsis that helps us move forward.



Hopefully “THE LONGING” serves as a catharsis that helps us move forward.

If we haven’t learned anything else during this pandemic, we have learned that we are all in this together. What affects one, affects us all! We have free will and can make choices about how we want our world to be.

We are evolving. There are many challenges just evolving as an individual and the effort it takes for a whole world to evolve is much more rigorous.

We have witnessed the passing of so many of our loved ones. To say that we are living in difficult times is an understatement but those remaining are charged with making a new world. A world filled with compassion for our brothers and sisters.

This time in our history, is a transformation in which we unlock the dream of humanity that exists at this very moment; only we need to work together globally to set it free. The dreams of peace, a planet with clean air, water, abundance for all and universal love is the dream we have within our means to bring to fruition. Our survival and the next generations depend on it.

Written by Felecia Harte for ASTRO FREQUENCiES, 2021

“So Deep Into You” Watch Video Especially on The Lover’s Day!

You Into Me, Me Into You 4eva

When I’m with you, I feel content. Of course, there are times of upset as when we argue and we go into our own corners but we always come back together because life is better together.

Yes, we can exist away from each other and that’s when life is in black and white. But when we’re together, life is vibrant, filled with a rainbow of colors.

You compliment the core of me…

from the Harte for Hartecast Music, 2021

Let’s Be The Poetry Of Life: Watch This Fun video!


“Lets Be The Poetry Of Life” is a state of mind to which we can all aspire! This song and video calls on us to live the poetry of life. Yes, there are challenges in life but there is also so much we can be grateful for.

There are seemingly unsurmountable challenges in life and we have seen many people who rise to meet those life challenges. Their courage serve as examples of what we too can be. However, difficulties in life are not the only things that exist. There is also love, music, poetry and all forms of aesthetics that uplifts our human spirits.

Even if there is some problem looming over us, we can choose to confront the problem but also, we can choose to look at the golden skies, listen to birds singing, turn on our favorite music or watch our favorite movie. We may decide to reach out to our family and friends; the people who care deeply about us. By choosing to do so, we lighten our burdens and raise our frequency. It’s our choice; do we only focus on problems or do we choose the poetry of life? It’s for each of us to choose.

Make life what you want it to be!

Let’s choose, “THE POETRY OF LIFE”…

Written by Felecia Harte for Hartecast Music, 2021

Baby, Come On… ❤ ⇆ ❤

“Baby, Come On” by Felecia Harte; Original music by Hartecast Music

Haven’t you ever wanted to merge with someone in a real, authentic way? Truly caring about how they feel and wanting only the best for them always!

When someone inspires this type of stirring inside you, it’s only natural that you want that person in your life. And so, at some point in time during the relationship, you let your feelings out. Usually the words that you express to that person showing how deep your feelings are, “I love you.”

The lyrics of “Baby, Come On” is about that very moment when you want to tell that special someone how you feel, deep inside. You have surrendered to those warm feelings stirring inside; you have surrendered to them with all your heart and soul. So expressing to them what you feel and totally, just seems like the natural evolution to a committed relationship.

In other words, “I got you.” No matter what storms may come for us, I want you right there with me, by my side.

“Baby, Come On” is about commitment to that very special one: the lyrics are heartfelt and the vocal performance by Ms. Harte is delivered so tenderly pulls you in the same way your heart pulls you in to that someone you care about so deeply.

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When you stay in touch us, you see what’s happening first, keep it locked!

By Felecia Harte for Hartecast Music, 2020

See The World 🌎 Through My Eyes

It takes the whole of the human race, to make us all whole!“: Felecia Harte

My life is your life… as human beings, we are all in this thing called life, together! What affects one, affects us all. We can make this world what we want it to be. It takes the whole of the human race to make us all whole!

Music is the reflection of our emotional lives whether we’re happy, melancholy, relaxed or in love. Hartecast Music is where you can find tunes that are in tune with life. On the SongCast page:, songs are categorized by genre and you can click on songs in various genres to hear song samples prior to downloading purchases.

Also, Hartecast Music offers Royalty Free Music: where you may listen to, purchase and download the perfect song for your special projects! Hartecast Music’s vision is to connect with people all around the world in a way that stimulates, satisfies, and reaches the realms of human emotions. Hartecast Music is where music is living!

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The Joy Of Love ❤


Love makes life worth living. When we have love in our lives, we are able to meet the many challenges of life.

Love makes the world more friendly, colorful and warm. Love fills our empty spaces with kindness and gentleness for others and for ourselves.

Self-love is the great love that offers us the opportunity to grow beyond ourselves. Love opens our hearts and we smile more.

Love gives us the feeling of pure joy… The Joy Of Love ❤

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Downloads From The Universe 🌎

Meditating With The Frequencies Of The Universe

We are made of the stuff of the universe. We are not made of any substance that does not exist in the whole of the cosmos; we are connected physically, biologically and electromagnetically.

As we know the universe is infinitely abundant and we can tap into the frequency of the universe and its abundance. Because we are connected to the universe, we have access to its vibrations as we go about our daily lives. But, when we focus or meditate, we intensify that connection.

Focus/meditate, align yourself with the infinite abundance of the universe that is available to all of us!

See video, Downloads From The Universe:

Namaste 🙏🏽




Human beings are so amazing! We can adapt to some of the harshest conditions because we are creative. Life as we knew it has virtually changed overnight. Millions have lost their jobs and even more devastating are the loved ones lost to this virus. However we are adjusting; now we live our lives accordingly, to our new environment.

There will be some who even gain from the new post COVID-19 living. Perhaps some will gain financially by inventing something that helps with our new lives, or some of us will expand emotionally by finding pleasure in spending more time with our loved ones or some of us will grow spiritually by discovering who we are at the core of our being. Maybe now you have the opportunity to begin writing that book you always wanted to write or begin an exercise routine, etc.

Just because this is a new life, a new reality, it doesn’t have to bad; it’s just different! Adaptability is the key! ~Love is Life

Feel the power of MAGNETISM for yourself: see the video here

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