“Everything Will Be Alright” The Sun Will Shine Again 👁 video

Keep Your Heart Open To Goodness

“Everything Will Be Alright”: all of us, at some time or another, have to overcome life’s challenges: death, major illness, divorce, loss of a job, etc., that can cause a life crisis. Although we are forced to deal with these difficult challenges, how we approach these difficulties makes a significant difference in how successful we are in moving forward.

These can be life altering experiences and it is not suggested that these experiences can be easily overcome just by thinking positively but we do have the ability to change how we ‘see’ these events. It’s not healthy to sidestep our emotions so we need to feel what we are feeling. However, in order to heal and move forward, we do need to face the challenge in order to evolve.

Loving family and friends, strong support systems, offer us kind words and many times they tell us things like: “you’ll get through this’ or “we’re here for you” or “everything will be alright.”

These words of encouragement are indeed helpful as those who express their belief in us, help us to believe in ourselves.

Hope this song, “Everything Will Be Alright”, helps to lighten your burdens as this is its intention.

Much love ~from the Harte

MUSIC iS METAPHYSICAL, Feelin’ The Music Of The Sun: Watch 👁 the video!

Vibin’ With The Sun

Music is Metaphysical: Feelin’ The Music Of The Sun…

The pulsations of the sun radiates its warm dance upon our heads, our faces, our bodies. We react by going to the beach, sunbathing, playing sports, or by having a barbecue with family and friends while tuning in to our favorite music.

Sitting upon its throne high in the sky, the sun’s rhythmic dance energizes and inspires us to enjoy life ~from the Harte

By Felecia Harte for ASTRO FREQUENCiES, 2021 ©


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When Solange Was Just Beyonce’s Kid Sis: ‘E! True Hollywood Story’ Exclusive Clip

Superstar sisters, Solange and Beyonce

Before superstar sisters Beyonce and Solange embarked on their own successful careers, the younger Knowles tested the waters for herself while staying in the family business.

Season 2 of E! True Hollywood Story will premiered its next episode, “Star Sisters,” on (April 10) — which conveniently falls on National Siblings Day — about the celebrity sister bond between the Knowles sisters as well as Britney & Jamie Lynn Spears and Miley & Noah Cyrus.

Billboard is sharing an exclusive clip focusing on Beyoncé and Solange and how the latter was often overshadowed by the success of her big sister. While Beyoncé took flight with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams in Destiny’s Child, one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, she took Solange under her wing to become one of DC’s backup dancers.

“I remember meeting a young girl and I remember asking someone, ‘How is she here? She’s really young, she’s a kid.’ And one of the other dancers said, ‘That’s Beyoncé’s sister Solange,'” recalls choreographer Brian Friedman, who worked on Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” performance at the 2001 Soul Train Awards, where they won the Sammy Davis Jr. Award for Entertainer of the Year – Female. (Coincidentally, Jay-Z won the same award in the male category that night.)

“It was like, ‘Oh, OK, let’s see what she’s got.’ But Solange could dance. That was the thing. She was a talented girl who just so happened to be the little sister of a massive star.”

At age 14, Solange ended up replacing an injured Rowland when DC opened up for Christina Aguilera during her 2000 tour and began working on her debut album Solo Star after being signed to their father Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment label with Columbia Records. The lead single “Feelin’ You (Part II),” featuring N.O.R.E., ended up becoming her first hit on Billboard‘s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales chart, reaching No. 3 in 2003.

Watch an exclusive clip of the “Star Sisters” episode airing on E! below:

Article by: By HERAN MAMO/Billboard; April, 2021

MUSIC iS METAPHYSICAL ~from the Harte… Watch 👁 the video

MUSIC Takes Us Where We Need To Go…

Music is infinite. Music touches us in ways that transforms us and sometimes we can’t even explain how it makes us feel because Music iS Metaphysical.

Cosmic rhythms infiltrates every part of us to our very core exciting us both consciously and subconsciouly. We just know we’re on a magical ride and our destination is out of our control; the music takes us where we need to go…

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Felecia Harte for ASTRO FREQUENCiES 2021

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The Age Of Aquarius The Promise: All is One Watch The Video, Life is Inspiring!

The Age Of Aquarius/All is One

We are at the cusp of the dawning of a new age which spans approximately 2,000 years. During this Age of Aquarius, we are called to live in unity as a global community.

Each is an integral part of the whole. There will certainly be advances in technology however, it is our relationships to one another that is utmost important. Our physical bodies need food and water to survive but peace, compassion and love, one to all and all to one, is the hearty sustenance in which humankind survives and thrives.

When we are united in the victory of our global freedom, the warm frequency emanating from our planet earth, like a glowing star, will shine brightly far into the universe…

~by Felecia Harte of ASTRO FREQUENCIES For more information, go to ASTRO FREQUENCiES: https://hartecastmusic.com/astro-freq…

Angélique Kidjo and Yemi Alade Share Video for New Song “Dignity”: Watch

Yemi Alade and Angélique Kidjo…”Dignity”

“This song is against brutality, but it’s also about how we need to treat each other with dignity, treat nature with dignity, and treat ourselves with dignity—Angélique Kidjo

Angelique Kidjo has teamed up with Nigerian Afropop singer, Yemi Alade for a new song called “Dignity“. The track was produced by Vtek da Awesom, and inspired by Nigeria’s youth movement, which has been protesting police brutality perpetuated by the nation’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad. Watch the visual for the song below.

“Many people think that police brutality only happens in America, but it’s everywhere,” Kidjo said in a press release. “This song is against brutality, but it’s also about how we need to treat each other with dignity, treat nature with dignity, and treat ourselves with dignity. Because if we can’t see the dignity that Mother Nature gave to all of us, then how can we walk tall?”

Kidjo and Alade last collaborated on the latter’s track “Shekere” which appears on Alade’s 2019 album Woman of Steel.

Watch Angélique Kidjo’s and Yemi Alade’s Video for New Song “Dignity”: https://bit.ly/3w3oQmQ

Article by Madison Bloom: March 26, 2021/Pitchfork

Spring Has Sprung and We Can Feel The Excitement In The Air!

Spring iS Here, Time To Hit The Refresh Button

Spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere today, March 20th, 2021. Today also heralds in the Spring Equinox beginning the Aries season and at the same moment, autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

Although people born under the sign of Aries can be headstrong, this is a good time for Aries to bend a bit and see how balancing their life with others, brings them more into harmony not only with others but with themselves as well.

We all affect each other so let’s bring harmony to everyone we touch today, tomorrow and on and on…

Written by Felecia Harte for ASTRO FREQUENCiES: https://bit.ly/3f2Mv0C
March, 2021

Atlanta’s own Ethiopia Habtemariam promoted to Chairman/CEO of Motown Records

Ethiopia Habtemariam, The Boss

On Monday, news broke that Motown Records had promoted label president, Ethiopia Habtemariam to Chairman and CEO of the label and will report directly to UMG Chairman and CEO Lucian Grainge. An Atlanta native and graduate of Riverwood High School, Habtemariam checked in with V-103’s Greg Street to discuss the her new promotion telling Street, “It’s been a long road.”

“It’s a little surreal to be completely honest with you, but it has been a lot of hard work along the way and incredible people that have been in my life,” Habtemariam told Street in an exclusive V-103 interview in which she even credited him for being instrumental in her journey. “You’ve always been there giving me encouragement and inspiration since I was a kid,” Habtemariam continued.

With the announcement of Habtemariam’s promotion, Grainge said, “Motown is such a an important voice and just as when it was founded by Berry Gordy, it’s impact continues to be felt around the world. Motown’s resurgence and powerful partnerships under Ethiopia’s leadership has advanced the label’s legacy as home to some of today’s biggest hitmakers and most meaningful voices in music.”

See full article: http://bit.ly/3uLQFQ9 by: Daminon Lewis, Ramona Lewis, DeBreaus, and Greg Street for V103, 2021

Celebrate Black Heroes on Black History Month


February marks Black History Month, a month-long observance in the United States and Canada that recognizes the significant contributions of African-Americans to American history, as well as the historical legacies of the African diaspora. We hope you’ll find the stories below, and the scholarship they include in full, a valuable resource for classroom or leisure reading.

Carter G. Woodson, The Father of Black History Month

Erin Blakemore February 12, 2015 The origins of Black History Month date back to 1926, when a historian named Carter G. Woodson spearheaded “Negro History Week.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Why MLK Believed Jazz Was the Perfect Soundtrack for Civil Rights

Ashawnta Jackson October 16, 2019Jazz, King declared, was the ability to take the “hardest realities of life and put them into music, only to come out with some new hope or sense of triumph.”

Charles Drew sitting with medical residents at Freedmen's Hospital

The 1910 Report That Disadvantaged Minority Doctors

Jessie Wright-Mendoza May 3, 2019A century ago, the Flexner Report led to the closure of 75% of U.S. medical schools. It still explains a lot about today’s unequal access to healthcare.

Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield

Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, “The Black Swan”

Erin Blakemore May 6, 2019Born into slavery, Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield broke barriers with every note she sang.

David Ruggles

The First Black-Owned Bookstore and the Fight for Freedom

Ashawnta Jackson July 10, 2020Black abolitionist David Ruggles opened the first Black-owned bookstore in 1834, pointing the way to freedom—in more ways than one.

New Orleans, 1939

How St. Louis Domestic Workers Fought Exploitation

Livia Gershon January 26, 2021Without many legal protections under the New Deal, Black women organized through the local Urban League.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett

The Alpha Suffrage Club and Black Women’s Fight for the Vote

Ashawnta Jackson September 8, 2020Black women’s experiences in the suffrage movement show that the Nineteenth Amendment marked one event in the fight for the vote, not an endpoint.

Pee Dee Rosenwald School, Marion County, South Carolina, c. 1935.

How Black Communities Built Their Own Schools

Allison C. Meier August 4, 2020 Rosenwald schools, named for a philanthropist, were funded mostly by Black people of the segregated South.

African Phantasy : Awakening by Winold Reiss

The New Negro and the Dawn of the Harlem Fenaissance

Ashawnta Jackson January 25, 2021In 1925, an anthology of Black creative work heralded the arrival of a movement that had been years in the making.

The first black marines decorated by the famed 2nd Marine Dvision somewhere in the Pacific. (Left to right) Staff Sgt Timerlate Kirven and Cpl. Samuel J. Love, Sr., received Purple Hearts for wounds received in the Battle of Saipan.

Who Were the Montford Point Marines?

Anna Hiatt June 26, 2019The first African-American recruits in the Marine Corps trained at Montford Point, eventually ending the military’s longstanding policy of racial segregation.

Alice Childress, Paul Robeson and Lorraine Hansberry

In the McCarthy Era, to Be Black was to Be Red

Mohammed Elnaiem November 13, 2019The Marxist sympathies of Black radical leaders like Paul Robeson, Alice Childress, and Lorraine Hansberry made them targets for the FBI.

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Two_African_American_women,_three-quarter_length_portrait,_seated,_facing_each_other_LCCN99472087.tif

Searching for Black Queer History in Sensational Newspapers

Erin Blakemore March 14, 2019Sometimes finding the stories of marginalized populations demands reading between the lines.

The Mob Violence of the Red Summer

Matthew Wills May 14, 2019In 1919, a brutal outburst of mob violence was directed against African Americans across the United States. White, uniformed servicemen led the charge.

Tuskegee University’s Hidden Audio Collections

Evan Towle and Karyn Anonia  February 21, 2020The archives of the historically black Tuskegee University recently released recordings from 1957 to 1971, with a number by powerful civil rights leaders.

Article by JSTOR Daily, February, 2021; More: http://bit.ly/2ZKxYOx