Do You Have The Courage 🦁 To Be Successful? Ashley Winton does.

It Takes Courage To Be Successful. Meet Ashley Winton

Ashley Winton has spent the last four years building Warner Chappell Music‘s global creative services arm from the ground up and is now Warner Chappell Music’s co-chair and COO.

As part of that role, Winton has been focusing on finding non-traditional opportunities for songwriters at a time when making a living as a creator is arguably harder than ever.

Winton and her team help writers experiment with writing for film and TV, secure brand partnerships, engage with short-form content, and more.

The department isn’t the only new venture Winton has been tasked with in her career: she’s got a history of starting something from nothing.

Do you have the courage to be successful? Many of us desire the recognition, money, power and all the perks that go along with being super successful but do we really have what it takes to attain such an elevated status? There are many ways to consider being successful: a homeowner who has staked out a piece of the earth to claim as their own; a scholar who has earned the credentials that accompany an ivy league education; a homeowner who has staked out their piece of the planet earth to claim as their own; or a proud mother or father whose children turn out to be good citizens and parents themselves.

First and foremost, each of us has to determine what success means to us individually. Someone who has money and public prestige may not feel as though they are successful if their personal life is lacking. Perhaps they missed out on seeing their children take their first steps or say first words because they were consumed with chasing financial success and in their older age, they regret not being there for their children’s important milestones.

Some people feel success is when you have all of your needs met: home, car, food on the table, bills paid and also have some of things in life we may want such as taking a yearly vacation, dining out occasionally, attending a concert or the theater, etc. Many would consider this as being succesful.

And yet, there are still those who want more. These people want public recognition on a large scale. Not necessarily because they have out-of-control egos but because they feel as though they have something to contribute to the world. Perhaps they are writers with words they feel would impart knowledge to enlighten searching minds and soothe some heavy hearts.  Or maybe a musician has written musical works that would inspire and nourish the souls of the masses or maybe an inventor has invented a device that would ease the pain and suffering of humankind.

Do such people with such special talents owe it to themselves and to the world to do everything in their power to bring forth such gifts to the world? Is it their duty to sacrifice normalcy for celebrity? For most, the journey to celebrity is laden with so many pitfalls, rejections, disappointments, and possibly years before receiving any recognition.

If you have the passion, perseverance and tenacity to bring your special gifts to the world, then go for it but just know, it takes a little luck, although some would argue we make our own luck, but for sure it will  a lot guts, sweat, focus and almighty courage.

By Felecia Harte for, 2023