“Everything Will Be Alright” The Sun Will Shine Again 👁 video

Keep Your Heart Open To Goodness

“Everything Will Be Alright”: all of us, at some time or another, have to overcome life’s challenges: death, major illness, divorce, loss of a job, etc., that can cause a life crisis. Although we are forced to deal with these difficult challenges, how we approach these difficulties makes a significant difference in how successful we are in moving forward.

These can be life altering experiences and it is not suggested that these experiences can be easily overcome just by thinking positively but we do have the ability to change how we ‘see’ these events. It’s not healthy to sidestep our emotions so we need to feel what we are feeling. However, in order to heal and move forward, we do need to face the challenge in order to evolve.

Loving family and friends, strong support systems, offer us kind words and many times they tell us things like: “you’ll get through this’ or “we’re here for you” or “everything will be alright.”

These words of encouragement are indeed helpful as those who express their belief in us, help us to believe in ourselves.

Hope this song, “Everything Will Be Alright”, helps to lighten your burdens as this is its intention.

Much love ~from the Harte