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We Change = World Change

As I note my thoughts in this writing, we have a New Moon 🌚 Solar Eclipse in the zodiac sign of Taurus conjoining the planet, Uranus April 30th, the planet Pluto stationing retrograde in the zodiac sign of Capricorn and a stellium of Venus , Jupiter , and Neptune in Pisces .

An eclipse occurs when one heavenly body such as a moon or planet moves into the shadow of another heavenly body. Centuries ago, when people observed the Moon during an eclipse, they saw Earth’s shadow on the Moon and discovered the Earth is round. Today, scientists still find it important to study solar eclipses in order to collect data about the Sun’s corona, the Sun’s top layer.

Usually we have at least four eclipses per year that take place on new or full moons and are much more powerful than a regular New Moon or Full Moon as Eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon align with the Lunar Nodes also known as the Nodes Of Destiny or the Nodes Of Karma.  A lunar eclipse occurs when the Full Moon is near one of the Nodes, and a solar eclipse occurs when a New Moon is near one of the Nodes.

Eclipses in and of themselves are dynamic stewards of change. They are like the refresh button on a computer only much more powerful. By refreshing our computers, we wipe the old window or webpage in order to get the most up-to-date, real time information. The same is true with an eclipse. The Nodes Of Destiny/Karma are signposts: the south node is what we need to wipe or move away from and the north node directs us toward a new way to refresh and integrate our life experiences. This is a simple analogy but meant to demonstrate how eclipses refresh our lives.

Eclipse energies can affect us for six months or more. This eclipse happening in the feminine, fixed sign of Taurus, may take some time for the seeds of change to grow and be realized.

The Planetary Moving Parts

Uranus, also known as The Great Awakener, is an evolutionary planet representing Astrology, rebellion, individual and collective freedom, liberation, technology, brilliance, unpredictability, the future and innovation. Uranus’ own orbit is unique unto itself as it rotates at a nearly 90-degree angle from the plane of its orbit. This unique tilt makes Uranus appear to spin on its side, orbiting the Sun like a rolling ball.

Uranus wants to free us from routine that no longer assists in furthering our growth and development. Uranus brings change so fast, the results are likened to a flash or a lightbulb moment when an idea suddenly pops into our heads, or an earthquake or a thunderbolt.

On a personal level, Uranus in Taurus can revolutionize many aspects of our lives such as relationships, how we physically present ourselves to others and the resources we have available to us for living our daily lives.  Uranus in Taurus can effect changes in the earth including earthquakes as well as on the world stage, we can witness its effects on our food supply and global economy.

Also in the horoscope of this new moon solar eclipse, we have Pluto, just hours before this solar eclipse, concentrating his energies as he stations retrograde. Pluto is the planet of power, pure unadulterated Power. After all, Pluto, rules birth, death, rebirth, transformation, elimination, renewal, fresh perspectives, taboos, Plutocrats who use their wealth to buy power, and the underworld.

Pluto joining forces with this solar eclipse and Uranus strongly trumpets the winds of change are upon us.

Vibing With The Frequencies

Another very important aspect occurring simultaneously with with this solar eclipse is: Venus, the ruler of this solar eclipse in Taurus, conjunct Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter, traditional ruler of Pisces, Neptune the modern-day ruler of Pisces and Venus exalted in Pisces especially at its placement at the 27th degree, all make their presence known for this event. This is huge. Because it softens the energy and gives us the opportunity to vibrate with all of this solar eclipse energy at a spiritual level.

The Pisces energy offers us spiritual frequencies with which to resonate.

Yes, we can make some or all of the changes the cosmic energies occurring at this time describes but how will we navigate the change?: selfishly or compassionately?

To what frequency do you vibrate? Change can come swiftly and out of our control but how we respond is in our control. We have choice, free will. This period of time can be a test for us as individuals and collectively.

As we transition into the Age of Aquarius, we can make uplifting changes that recast our world-our home, into a home of peace and love.

We Change=World Change

Let’s Go!

written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽 © April, 2022.

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