Flavor Flav Gave Billie Eilish a Barbie-Themed Diamond Clock Chain 🏅⏱ at Oscars Afterparty

Flavor Flav annoints Billie Eillish with Barbie clock, Eillish: “OMG”!

A second Academy Award wasn’t the only hardware Billie Ellis left the Oscars with. Flavor Flav pulled up to the awards ceremony on Sunday (March 10) with a Barbie-themed clock chain, and he made sure to bring a duplicate for his friend.

The former Public Enemy rapper met up with the “Happier Than Ever” singer at the Vanity Fair afterparty on Sunday night to personally gift Billie Eilish with the bubblegum bling, as the pair flaunted their matching jewelry.

Footage emerged of the heartwarming interaction as Eilish screamed in shock as Flav unwrapped the hot pink diamond clock inscribed with her name using the classic Mattel Barbie doll font.

“Oh my God,” Billie said in shock as she posed for photos holding up the necklace alongside Flavor Flav and Jon Batiste. Eilish and Flav shared a warm embrace before the clip cut off.

This wasn’t the dynamic duo’s first time meeting one another; the pair were photographed together at a Golden Globe after party in January.

By Michael Saponara for Billboard, March 2024