Watch video: Full Moon 🌚 In Aquarius ♒

FULL MOON in AQUARIUS today. Aquarius is an air sign ruled by quirky, futuristic Uranus. Aquarians are intelligent, highly creative & value their freedom above all else. Wanna catch an Aquarian? Let them think they’re setting the trap!

Aquarius is an air sign and thus more of a mental sign dealing with a milieu of ideas. Although Aquarians are known to be independent, they do concern themselves with ways to make life better for the collective whether that be socially, economically, environmentally, they envision ways to change the established, accepted traditions and sometimes that change invokes expelling long held customs for more revolutionary change.

On a more personal level, you may find someone who is eccentric and a non-conformist as they prefer to do things their own inventive way. If you see someone dressed uniquely or espousing unusual ideas, chances are they have a strong Aquarius influence in their natal chart. This full moon in Aquarius is conjuncting the planet Saturn and is squaring the planet Uranus.

The moon reflects our emotions and with Saturn’s influence, the show of emotions can be limited. With the moon meeting up with Saturn, we may find ourselves wanting to be alone. Even if we can’t be alone, we can feel alone. The full moon’s square aspect to Uranus represents quite a different energy than the Moon-Saturn aspect. The 90-degree square aspect is a call to action. The Uranus-Moon square may make us feel like we have to do something and that call to action may cause us to act before we think.

This pull back and push forward energy can be confusing as we have conflicting energies at work. This is how Astrology can be so helpful: forewarned is forearmed. Chances are that after the next few days, you will realize some important ideas or changes have made an impact on your life.

When interacting with Aquarian energy, think: “always expect the unexpected!”

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