Full Moon In Aries Brings Out Your Heart’s Desires…

With today’s Full Moon 🌚 in Aries , you focus on what you desire. What is your heart’s desire?
Now you have the energy & drive to get what you want want no matter what. Just remember, the means doesn’t always justify the ends. Perhaps a workout will work it out.

Aries ♈ Activate The Energy!

October’s Full Moon in Aries (Sunday, October 9th, 2022 @ 1:55 pm PT)

FULL MOON today in Aries ♈ ruled by Mars, the planet of war, desire, sexual desire, aggression, anger, action and the survival instincts. How will this driving energy affect you?

Aries is a masculine, cardinal, fire sign. Cardinal makes reference to the initiating quality of Aries and being of the fire modality, hot with passion.

You may have lots of energy and you know you must do something, some activity that gets your muscles moving and your blood stirring. This might include working out at home or at the gym, re-arranging the living room or bedroom furniture, playing contact sports, a day at the amusement park or making love. 

You may find yourself compromising less while forging ahead with your own agenda. This may be beneficial for those who are normally timid but for those who are normally assertive and even aggressive, this could make for volatile interactions with others. We have to attempt to consciously avoid impulsive actions which we may come to regret.

The light of the moon is brightest at the full moon signaling times of revelation. Something about you, someone else or circumstances may be revealed to you. Sometimes we are unaware of the thoughts or feelings subconsciously living underneath the surface which affect us unknowingly. A full moon can bring these beneath-the-surface stirrings to our consciousness and where we can acknowledge them. 

Being more aware of what affects our behavior is powerful just like the energy of Mars and Aries, the domain of this full moon. 

We can use the power of the Mars/Aries energy to make improvements in our lives. Without the driving energy of Mars, we may not even want to get out of the bed to start our day. Mars propels us forward with the punch and potency needed to accomplish  our desires. 

There are times when it’s good to be selfish in order to make those strides we need to achieve however, make sure to temper actions when necessary to avoid impulsive actions that may hurt others.

If you have found yourself procrastinating about cleaning out the garage, or starting a workout routine or writing that book, or asking that special someone out on a date, a full moon in Aries can turn that little, inner spark into a vibrant flame that warms and illuminates you, those around you and those burning desires.

Let’s Go!

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~from the Harte for ASTROFREQUENCiES, October, 2022

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