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A breath of fresh air…

As I note my thoughts in this writing, Gemini Season is beginning as the Sun 🌞 ingresses into Gemini May 20th. Also the Sun is making a flowing aspect, trine, to Pluto and on May 21st, Mercury Retrograde meets at the same point in the sky as the Sun, which is known as Cazimi.

These are much lighter energies than we have been experiencing with the recent eclipses. The sun moving into Gemini is like a breath of fresh air. This is what is so interesting about following the movement of the celestial bodies: there are cycles within cycles.

For instance, the echoing verve of the recent eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio is still present. The nodes, north inTaurus, and the south node in Scorpio with Saturn in Aquarius are still in a stressful T-square but yet, we can still feel the refreshing breeze of Gemini and other uplifting influences.

As a mutable air sign, the Gemini archetype is talkative, sociable, quick-witted, playful, curious, chatty, gossipy, superficial, likes to get up and go, neighborly and seems to be ‘in-the-know’ about family members and the community. Since these natives enjoy communicating with others, they have access to a plethora of bits of information.

Want to know what happened to Mr. Smith’s wrecked car parked in his driveway? Just ask the neighborhood Gemini. When is the neighborhood ice cream parlor going to re-open? Just ask the neighborhood Gemini. They know what celebrities are getting married/divorced, what insurance companies offer the most economic rates and what neighborhoods have the best rent deals. It’s amazing how much information Geminis hold in their brains. I have witnessed Geminis like this firsthand.

However, the Gemini archetype is not known to be a deep-dive research energy so you have to take what is communicated with a grain of salt. The facts could be accurate but possibly not.

Thinking It Over-Revisit and Review

The planetary rulership of Gemini is Mercury which happens to be retrograde until June 3rd. Mercury goes retrograde at least three times a year for a retrograde length of about three weeks. Even a person who knows nothing about Astrology, knows something about Mercury retrograde.

Some Astrologers advise being very careful at this time while others suggest simply proceeding with caution. It’s difficult to say how every person should approach Mercury retrograde because it depends on the individual’s astrological chart and what zodiac sign the Mercury retrograde is occurring in.

However, if you have not had your birth chart cast and do not know how the Mercury retrograde is impacting your chart, at any rate, it’s probably good advice to proceed with caution. Be careful signing contracts. Have an attorney assist you if you can. Make sure you pay attention to even the smallest details: all ‘i’s’ are dotted and ’t’s’ are crossed.

Actually, Mercury retrograde is a good time to go within. When Mercury retrogrades, it doesn’t actually go backwards but it appears that it does from our perspective here on earth. It seems that Mercury goes back over territory it already traversed so the implications for us would be to review our thoughts and ideas.

If you are thinking about leaving a job, starting or ending a relationship, starting a new business or moving to another part of the country, Mercury retrograde could be a good time to write down the pros and cons and to meditate on the subject.

Of course, if there is an urgent matter, you need to act but if you have the opportunity to ruminate on big changes, do so.

For the next month, during Gemini Season, take advantage of the light-hearted fun this season can bring. This is the beauty of knowing the astrological forecasts, we can follow the cycles and know that no matter how difficult a cycle may be, it doesn’t last forever.

Gemini Season says don’t take everything so seriously. Take a well-deserved break from repetitive, nagging thoughts running through your head over and over: relax, kick up your feet, have a cool lemonade and think about it tomorrow or the next day 😎

Let’s Go!

written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽 © May, 2022.

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