Stop, Reflect and Move Forward Knowing…

As I note my thoughts in this writing, I am looking ahead a few months. I usually write about current astrological aspects but in this writing, I am looking ahead to September of this year. Why? Because I have noted many planets are retrograde including Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus , Neptune , and Pluto , which all will be retrograde both September and October of this year. And actually for the last 3 weeks of September, Mercury is also retrograde, wow. Having astrological information in advance, gives us the opportunity to prepare.

When planets are retrograde, they are asking us to look inwards for answers. These are times of introspection and reflection which by doing so, gives us the chance to process the events of our lives. To be the most successful, we have to, observe what is happening, implement a plan of action, assess the results and make adjustments as necessary; these steps are helpful in most areas of life.

Retrograde planets are built in opportunities to slow down, assess the trajectory of our life’s path, make the necessary adjustments and then move forward in a more knowledgeable direction.

Much has been written about Mercury retrograde but briefly, suffices to say it is a time of re’s: re-view, re-do, re-think, re-consider, etc. We have the chance to re-visit our thoughts and ideas to see if they are still valid or if they were ever valid.

Stop, Reflect and Move Forward

Jupiter also holds province in the areas of higher education, faith, confidence, religion, laws and foreign lands. With Jupiter Rx (Rx the symbol for retrograde in Astrology), we may reflect on  whether we have made the right choices in these areas of life. We may question our faith or our religious institutions becoming more or less religious depending on our assessments and how the energy unfolds in our charts.

Saturn has dominion over the structure of our lives such as our status, careers and station in life. Saturn also rules karma. So when Saturn retrogrades, we may reflect on how we have treated others in order to attain our goals. Have we been harsh or unfair? This deliberation can be a good thing as we may feel as though we have been fair and thoughtful in our dealings with people and if so, we may have peace. If on the other hand, our self-assessment comes up short in the careers we have chosen for ourselves or in our dealings with others, we can decide to course correct.

Uranus is the planet of the liberation. Known as The Awakener, Uranus wants to deliver us from boredom, ruts and routine. People have a tendency to resist change finding safety in what is known. Sometimes we need to shake things up for our own good. In retrospect, many admit that they resisted change initially only to discover that change was the best thing that ever happened to them. Uranus can have this kind of impact on us. When Uranus is retrograde, we may want to make sweeping, life changes. We do have free will in how we make changes however take care not to go overboard or be too extreme.

Neptune is associated with spirituality, art, dreams, imagination, addiction, fantasy, magic, illusion, delusion and compassion. Neptune is retrograde about forty percent of every year so it’s retrograde for a large part of our lives. When Neptune is moving direct, we can be lulled into seeing things through rose-colored glasses. We can be confused not distinguishing between what is real or what we want to be real. When Neptune retrogrades, we have the opportunity to take off the rose-colored glasses and see things more in black and white. The truth may be difficult and some people may feel disoriented. However, a healthy, realistic self assessment could just be what the doctor or Neptune Rx ordered. Now, we can kick that freeloading partner out who has been pretending to look for a job for six months.

Pluto rules transformation, transmutation, alchemy, death, rebirth, power, control and the underworld. When Pluto retrogrades, we may have a dark night of the soul experience where we feel lost and alone. Many of our deep, dark fears surface that we can no longer ignore. We are asked to review our lives at a very deep, intense level. For some, the best way to face this inner plutonic darkness is with a counselor or in psychoanalysis. This time could result in the most transformative time in one’s life causing people to start life anew.

Life is about development and growth. Life is not haphazard although at times it may seem that our lives are out of our control but each day the sun rises, and each night the moon lights up the night; we live in the rhythm of the universe. Just as the earth has seasons, so do we. There is a time to sow and a time to reap, a time to act and a time to reflect. We are part of the wonder of it all.

We experience the seasons of life:
There are times when we shine boldly in the summer sun
and there are times in the quiet of winter,
we reflect on what we have become.

Let’s Go!

written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽 © July, 2022.

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