Beyond The Five Senses…

As I note my thoughts in this writing, we have a New Moon 🌚 in Cancer , the moon’s domain sign, June 28th and Neptune  retrogrades in Pisces  also on June 28th just before our new moon commences. Although Neptune does not retrograde until the 28th, it has been hovering over 25 degrees of Pisces and will continue to do so for the whole of June. Planets are more powerful when they station and thus its influence can definitely be felt especially so for those whose Neptune is accentuated in their natal Astrology charts.
The new moon in Cancer, a cardinal sign of feminine water energy, is associated with nurturing and the more nurturing parent be it mother or father, home, security, sensitivity, habits, moods, deep emotions taking root from our earliest beginnings shaped by our interactions with our environment. Just like the habits we perform everyday without even thinking about it, at this time, we may be prone to doing or saying things that are based more in emotion than rational thought.
How we feel is more prevalent in Cancer and probably why Cancerians are sometimes referred to as moody. The moon makes its trek through the zodiac in roughly 30 days thereby taking on the tone of each sign it is transiting and can explain the “moodiness” associated with these natives. In comparison, the sun makes the same trek in a year and some planets take years to make a full transit through all the zodiac signs.
We also have the energies of Neptune highlighted at this time. Neptune, as all planets, displays the duality of our 3-D reality here on earth. The elevating frequency of Neptune resonates with intuition, inspiration, compassion, unconditional love, creativity, dreams, ideals and extra-sensory perception. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Neptune is also associated with confusion, delusion, deception, illusion, drug addiction, alcoholism and escapism.
Onward and Upward
In this writing and video, the more uplifting qualities of Neptune are presented. The world has a a plethora of conflict and adversity that we can focus on but we can lift the frequency of our planet earth not by hiding from reality but by consciously bringing forth the beauty of Neptune.
Astrology makes us aware of the energies. If a meteorologist predicts rain, we take an umbrella; if that meteorologist predicts blistering hot temperatures, we apply sunscreen; if high storm winds are predicted, we don’t go out in sailboats.
When we know there is a new moon in nourishing Cancer and we know compassionate Neptune is stationing all month readying to retrograde, we can plan to make the most of these cosmic currents: we can offer hope where there is despair; we can offer stability where there is uncertainty and we can offer love where there is hate.
At this time, the earth and we, the people of the earth, have the knowledge and power to make our home a peaceful, lush, inviting paradise. A place where all living things feel uplifted, alive and looking forward to each glorious day!
Let’s Go!

written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽 © April, 2022.

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