HiGH ON LAUGHTER, High on life…Elevate your frequency…have a chuckle

Have you ever thought about what laughter is? It has actually been studied and the research found the areas of the brain that control laughter, lie deep in the subcortex and in terms of evolutionary development, these parts of the brain are ancient, responsible for primal behaviors such as breathing and controlling basic reflexes. This means laughter control mechanisms are located a long way away from brain regions that developed later and control higher functions such as language or even memory.
Perhaps this explains why it is so hard to suppress a laugh, even if we know it is inappropriate.
Laughter is also contagious. One of my fondest memories is when I was a little girl, our family would go to Ocean Beach in San Francisco. At that time, there was an amusement park called, “Playland’. I would be so excited whenever we went and I would always go see the ‘Laughing Lady’. She was a huge, bigger than life, red-headed lady with freckles. The Laughing Lady was not a real human being; she was a giant robotic like mannequin that had facial expression with animated body movements while standing in place but her laugh was the most real, funniest I ever heard. She had this contagious belly laugh and she would laugh so hard, she would actually ‘stop breathing’. I would laugh so hard with and at the Laughing Lady; she could make the most angry person laugh! Crowds would gather ‘round her and we would all have a hearty laugh together. When we laugh, the body has a physiological response: boosts our immune system, can ease pain by causing the body to produce its own natural painkillers, improve our mood, makes it easier to connect with other people, and many more benefits.
It has also been shown that pretending to laugh has the same physiological responses as humor-triggered laughing. Your body’s physiology doesn’t know if you’re laughing at some real, funny event or not so go ahead and laugh at any time to improve your state of being, a sort of laugh therapy and it doesn’t cost a thing. Keep your wallet closed and your heart open…just laugh!
Elevate your frequency: A chuckle a day can keep the doctor away and stay tuned to your ASTRO FREQUENCiES