iN MY ROOM | Where i Am Free To Be Me…Watch 👁 the video



When you are alone in your room, where you have complete privacy, you are free to just be who you are. You don’t have to worry about who’s looking at you or what they are thinking about what you’re doing or not doing.

You are completely free to just be: feel what you want to feel, think what you want to think, get dressed as you want or not.

We all need to have time to ourselves to process our thoughts or feelings and connect with ourselves. As we go about our day, there are so many things we have to do that require our attention which may not leave the opportunity to be in tune with what is going on inside of us.

If we do not spend time with ourselves, we can feel disconnected. Coming back to center is very important. No matter what you feel like doing whether it’s reading a book, doing yoga, dancing in a bath towel, live stream a video podcast or dressing up in a costume and making faces at yourself in the mirror, it doesn’t matter but just take time to be yourself. Others will love you for it!

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