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A perfect life would probably mean something different to different people. For some, a perfect life may mean a committed relationship, a great business or job, fame, or to be healthy, and yet to others, just having that child they have always wanted would make life perfect. Therefore, perfection is not absolute but relative.

However, is there such a thing as a perfect life? It seems that perfection and life are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Perfection is static: the perfect tool for a job, the perfect dress for an occasion, the perfect song for a wedding, or the perfect words to soothe the pain of a friend. Once perfection is reached, then there is resolution and no further need. The definition of life includes the capacity for growth, reproduction and continual change. This very definition of life excludes perfection. Life is perpetual motion ceaseless in its quest to regenerate itself. This holds true in nature and in our human lives as well. A most obvious demonstration of this is that people give birth to offspring whose physical, psychological, social, and emotional development metamorphs through the continuum of life from infants to adults to old age.

As we course through life, we face the many dimensions of life: the joy of bringing a new life into the world, the happiness found in endearing relationships, and the trials and tribulations of losing a loved one. It is the latter, trials and tribulations, that present the greatest opportunities for growth; growth is one of the qualities of being alive. Growth and perfection do not exist together; there is either one or the other. The biggest challenges in life require the most effort and therefore represent the biggest opportunities for personal evolution.

One of the biggest challenges is loss: of employment, of home, wealth or of a loved one. These are the times we may have to stop and remove ourselves from the flow of life. These are the times for honest reflection and re-evaluation of the very core of who we are. It takes strength and courage for honest self-reflection. We may ask ourselves: what is going to happen to me? Perhaps the most piercing questions are who am I and do I have what it takes to carry on? There may even be self-doubt about having the strength and courage to carry on but all of us experience self-doubt. Self doubt is not a weakness when we have the audacity to continue life’s journey. Self-doubt is not what diminishes us but it is whether we have what it takes to stand in the arena of life, in the midst of the negative chatter, self-imposed or otherwise, and conquer our fears. This is what matters most.

I would ask not only is there a perfect life but can there be a perfect life? Perfection has its place in some finite situations but has no place in what we call life for life is to be lived. In order to partake in the joy of life and to meet its challenges, we need to be as free as the ocean tides and as vast as the universe.

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