It’s Fiery🔥 Aries ♈ Season: Watch 👁 the Video and Feel The Fired-Up Energy!

Have You Been Procrastinating…Now Is The Time To Make It Happen!

Hello, it’s Aries Season ! Today the sun🌞moves into fiery Aries. This is the astrological New Year and time for fresh starts! Tomorrow we have a new moon 🌚 also in Aries. Wow, If you ever wanted to change the direction of your life, this is it…set your intentions!

Aries is the beginning of Spring when the flowers and trees are blooming, the grass is green, the days are getting longer and we hear the sweet sounds of birds chirping. We are hopeful as we say bye to the cold, bitterness of winter and venture out of hibernation into the warmth of sunshine. We may still experience some gentle spring showers but that’s okay because we know the golden sun is taking its rightful throne.

We can look forward to summer vacations, outdoor sports, barbecues, hanging out at the pool, cold lemonade and frolicking on the beach in skimpy swimwear not to mention those sumptuous, summer romances.

At this time we feel energized. This particular spring is even more energizing as on March 2oth, spring begins and on March 21st, we have a new moon in Aries! And when you throw in the fact that six celestial bodies: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto all leave one zodiac sign this month of March to ingress into a different zodiac sign, it seems as though we are enveloped in the universal ether of transition if not transformation.

Now is the time. As we leave behind the stagnation of winter to revel in the bursting colors of spring, there is hope that we too can mimic the magnificence of spring and bring  forth its promise into our earthly being.

Let’s Go!
Written by: F.Harte for ASTRO FREQUENCIES


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