Kamasi Washington has scored Michelle Obama’s new Netflix documentary

“Working with Kamasi Washington on the musical score for ‘Becoming’ was a dream come true,” the show’s director Nadia Hallgre said of the collaboration. “Not only is Kamasi a masterful musician, he also has a unique sensitivity that he pours into his music. His music reaches deeply into your soul.

“Mrs. Obama loves music, and when I read the line in her book ‘And heaven, as I envisioned it, had to be a place full of jazz,’ I knew immediately Kamasi was the artist that could interpret her experience musically. His sound is contemporary and timeless, a magical fit to her story.”

The full soundtrack for Becoming will come out next week (May 15) via Young Turks.

Speaking of the creation of the soundtrack, Washington said: “It was such an honor to work on Becoming – a beautiful documentary film that sheds light into the life of our remarkable former First Lady Michelle Obama.
Working w/ the incredible director Nadia Hallgren to create the musical score for this amazing piece was truly a blessing.”

He added: “Barack & Michelle Obama’s time as President & First Lady had a profound impact on the history of this country & the world. This film gives a unique insight into that impact. Hope you all enjoy it! If you dig the music we’re gonna release a soundtrack for the film on May 15th!!”

Washington also recently scored the finale of long-running HBO drama Homeland. He released his most recent album, ‘Heaven and Earth’, back in 2018.

Speaking of the double-album release, the artist said: “This idea inspired me to make this album ‘Heaven & Earth’. The reality we experience is a mere creation of our consciousness, but our consciousness creates this reality
based on those very same experiences.

“We are simultaneously the creators of our personal universe and creations of our personal universe.”

By Will Richards May 2020/NME