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Not only surviving but thriving…

As I note my thoughts in this writing, we have just begun Taurus Season, April 19th, which will continue until May 20th when Gemini Season begins.

Some traits associated with Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac wheel, are: security, resources, possessions, values, earth, nature, sensual, practical, pleasure, comfort, dependable but also known to be somewhat stubborn.

Many of the traits associated with Taurus relate to the need to survive. When we are born, now removed from the comfort of our mother’s womb, we have to maintain our own bodily functions. Newborns are equipped with certain abilities to help them sustain life right from their first breath.

First of all, newborns, as soon as these tiny humans are born, are given an Apgar score in the delivery room that tests the baby’s health. One of the key indicators of a newborn’s health is reflexes: the sucking reflex, sucks when area around the mouth is touched helping the baby to find its mother’s breast or bottle in order to take in nourishment and the grasping reflex, stroking the palm of a baby’s hand causes the baby to close his or her fingers in a grasp allowing them to hold on to someone or something. There are other test included as well but they all are geared toward determining the baby’s ability to grasp on to this thing called life.

The first zodiac sign, Aries establishes identity, I am. I am here. I have been born. My name is. With Taurus, fixed earth, we have to now latch on to life to root that identity.

These newborn abilities to survive are the roots of the traits associated with Taurus.

The five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch are also related to Taurus. All of which help us to survive as we may see, hear or smell danger. Or we may taste something that warns us not to eat it or once burned by a hot object, we know not to touch it again.

However, Taurus, ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, also enjoys the aesthetics of life the five senses can behold. A baby cries when it’s hungry but crying evolves into singing a heartfelt song, suckling evolves into grand international cuisines, a mother’s face evolves into a colorful, vibrant painting, or a sculptor’s touch evolves into a beautiful piece of art.

Basic, primal instincts can evolve into things of beauty and why not? Humans are just naturally creative beings; it’s just how we are: we breath, we create.

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