It’s Leo Season: Leo ♌-Royalty Of The Zodiac, King and Queen 👑 Of The Jungle

The Roar of the Lion is purrrfect…

Leos have a leadership role as they are known to be the kings and queens of the jungle. They have not just haphazardly been given this title, no, Leos have earned it. No animal in the animal kingdom has more heart than a lion. When it’s time to feed their young, they have been known to tackle some of the largest animals on land such as hippopotami, giraffes even elephants.

Leos are ruled by the powerful sun which there would be no life on earth without the warm, life-giving rays of the sun. Leos have inherited the vital force of the sun and all its qualities. When a Leo enters a room, you can feel the energy shift. It’s as though a ray of sunshine has just peeked out from behind the clouds filling the space with a soothing warmth.

And yes, Leos can turn that purr into a roar when they are betrayed or their love is taken advantage of. It’s best to stay on the good side of a Leo. Not because you are afraid of the roar of their anger but it’s best to stay on the good side of Leo in order to feel the warmth of their great, heartfelt love.
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Article by Felecia Harte for ASTRO FREQUENCiES, 2023 (c)

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