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Pluto and The Sun Couple Up For the Leo Full Moon

We have the first full moon of 2024 in Leo Jan 25th at 5 degrees. Leo conjures up thoughts of those who are happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, warm, dramatic, fiery, proud and creative.

With the sun in Leo during summer, when the sun ascends to its highest throne, we are all more likely to take on some of Leo’s characteristics to some degree as the seasons affect our moods and what we do.

Leo natives are naturally infused with the qualities of Leo for the whole of their lives just as all natives of the zodiac are also imprinted with the qualities of their sun signs.

This particular full moon at five degrees of Leo, will sit across from Pluto in Aquarius at the zero degree. With a full moon, the sun and moon are at a 180 degree axis. Of note, January 21st bears witness to the sun and Pluto entering Aquarius as a couple. The sun now in Aquarius, is cuddled up with Pluto in Aquarius.

Is this coupling really a friendly union?

The sun sits at the center of our solar system while Pluto resides in the territory farthest out from the warm, life-giving force of the sun. Pluto is close enough to be a part of our solar system but distant enough to imbue characteristics frostier and darker than those attributed to the sun.

Pluto is the planet of birth, death, rebirth, transformation, power and regeneration. When some aspect of life experience falls under the gaze of Pluto, depending on the aspect, that particular field of life experience changes in some way. The change can be as drastic as divorcing your spouse of thirty years, moving by yourself to a foreign country where you don’t know anyone, to becoming a vegan after being a carnivore all your life.

While the sun conjunct Pluto can bring about changes in how our life force is expressed in more evident ways, Pluto aspects to the moon tend to affect us at a deeper, more emotional level where there are no apparent physical changes, i.e., the person doesn’t necessarily display outward, recognizable material changes but may have tumultuous feelings and thoughts that fester until eventually they must be expressed.

Now, this full moon in Leo sitting across from Pluto on January 25th, 2024, is an aspect that we can feel emotionally but this is not the type of longterm aspect Pluto can make to planets, points and placements that can last for months. Yes, on this full moon it is possible an event can happen that will have longterm effects but this Pluto-moon aspect is not one of Pluto’s longterm aspects as related to its length of duration.

The attention to this particular full moon in Leo, refers back to the article, Pluto iN Leo Baby Boomers Facing Pluto iN Aquarius written January, 2024 regarding baby boomers with Pluto in Leo and how they may respond to Pluto in Aquarius, lasting until 2044, affecting their Leo planets. This full moon affects natives with early Leo placements up to about 5 degrees but as Pluto transits through the full thirty degrees of Aquarius, there will be more Leo aspects facing Pluto in Aquarius.

Pluto transiting through Aquarius is big news and there are many Astrologers speaking on this subject so keep abreast of what’s happening. Remember, forewarned is forearmed; this is how astrology is a helpful tool in our toolkit.

I am excited about Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius. Aquarius representing the collective, the people, wants to make the best use of each individual’s talents in order to benefit the whole of society. Maybe, this is why the sun and Pluto have joined forces to enter Aquarius together showing unity, arm in arm. We each have talents unique to us.

Pluto in Aquarius asks us to summon up those hidden talents, perhaps languishing deep down inside, before the brilliance of the sun’s glowing light in order to awaken humanity’s capacity for living in a more peaceful, equitable and illumined world.


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