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Our drive for power

As I note my thoughts in this writing, Mercury is continuing its retrograde motion until June 3rd, 2022 and is currently trining Pluto May 28th. Mars is conjoining Jupiter in Aries and Venus ♀, in Aries, is in a difficult square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn . All of this planetary activity is occurring as we approach a new moon in Gemini May 30th. The universe is in perpetual motion producing cosmic vibrations and cycles within cycles.

Delineating the aspects of planetary movements is both a science and an art.

In my interactions both personally and professionally, I am finding a lot of people resonating with the Mars conjunct Jupiter and Venus square Pluto planetary aspects. Mars activates us to go after what we desire and now joining Jupiter, this Mars-Jupiter influence is amplified. Venus has dominion over our personal resources and Pluto is pure, raw power. Cross currents between these two, could get heated fast.

The world has been on lockdown for two years and this Mars-Jupiter conjunction is motivating people to want to break free and act on their urges. The urge to go to the movies, to travel, to interact and communicate with people face-to-face. The Venus-Pluto square although is a short transit, is showing up as some wanting to have power over others.

We know humans have basic, innate drives: the drive for self-preservation, the drive to form bonds and the drive to procreate. But also, humans and other life forms have the drive for power. We talk about the ‘alpha male’ and the ‘queen bee’ which designate power roles. In the animal kingdom, males fight for mating rights. Whichever male is the most physically powerful is considered the dominate male and wins mating rights.

We can see how some average people and world leaders vye for power which many times leads to the abuse of power. The word power begins with the letter ‘p’ as do quite a few powerful positions. A little note that may be of interest, I was watching a video a while back by Tania Gabrielle, Numerologist/Astrologer, on her Youtube channel who noted how the letter ‘p’ begins a lot of status words such as president, pope, pastor, principal, physician, etc.

Beware of Power Play Pitfalls

The drive for power is not just relegated to those obviously in powerful positions such as politicians (yet another power ‘p’ word) and world leaders but is evident in all of us and a lot of times necessarily so. For instance, if a child is facing potential danger and a parent commands that child to ‘stop’ to avoid harm, parental power is a good thing protecting the child from impending danger.

However, the behavior of those who want to have power over others solely for the advancement of their own personal objectives without any thought or consideration of others, could be considered ruthless.

The planetary energies of Pluto, the power planet, is best utilized for the evolution of the masses as opposed to purely personal gain.

With this Venus square to Pluto astrological aspect, it may be tempting for some to use this energy for personal gain. This is something to be aware of in order to avoid uncomfortable or even hostile encounters. If you find yourself entering into an avoidable power struggle, it may be best to let it go especially if it is a small, inconsequential matter.

Let us focus on the uplifting earth energy resonating with Mercury and Pluto. Since this easy flowing trine aspect between them lasts about two weeks, it gives us some time to focus our thoughts on transforming the negative into positive, the repulsive into beauty and hatred into love.

Let’s Go!

written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽 © May, 2022.

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