Rihanna Makes Millions After Performing At Wedding Celebration In India



Rihanna…Makin’ it While She’s Shakin’ it for the richest man in Asia

Rihanna had fans all around the world locked in to her surprise performance in India.

On Saturday, March 2, the Grammy award-winning singer arrived in western India to perform at a pre-wedding party for the son of Mukesh Ambani —the richest man in Asia who’s worth at least $112 billion. Riri graced the stage with a major light show and back-up dancers as she performed 17 fan favorites including “B*tch Better Have My Money”, “We Found Love”, “Where Have You Been”, “We Found Love”, “Where Have You Been”, “Work”, “Diamonds” and more. The Ambani family definitely got what they paid for. Rihanna reportedly made at least $6 million from the wedding gig.

Rihanna herself said it was the first time in eight years that she had put on a concert of that caliber. It’s probable that she was referring to her previous “ANTI World Tour,” which took her around the globe in 2016. She hadn’t performed at a massive event since the tour wrapped until she was booked for the LVII Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2022. Based on the appearance of the pre-wedding party, it looks like she may have even brought back an old set from her last tour for her recent performance.

Videos of Rihanna’s recent performance went viral as soon as guests posted them to social media. The “Lift Me Up” singer even got a chance to enjoy the festivities after the show. There were a couple of videos of her dressed in traditional Indian clothing while dancing with some guests. She was also spotted leaving the event with a fancy swag bag.

Watch clips of Rihanna’s performance in India here: http://bit.ly/3T1jCUV

Article by: Tony M. Centeno, for American Top 40, March, 2024