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Overwhelmed? with too many categories and selections? You have come to the right site to fulfill your music needs. simply said has the best original music.

Hartecast Music delivers music that allows your audience to have a personal experience with the music and thus, with your project. offers various music genres with vocals and instrumentals for your commercial ads, film, TV, ringtones and video games. All music and masters are cleared and ready to go!

Listen to the tracks and if it is what you are looking for, chose a Basic, Basic Plus or an Extended license, depending on your usage, click Add To Cart track and download the track. It’s quick and easy. You will receive download links of your selections without audio watermarking. Make sure to include an accurate email for to send your MP3 download links. To hear more musical genres, go to the SongCast page where you will find music to purchase for personal, non-license usage. However, if there is a track on SongCast that is just perfect for your project, send us an email to or fill out the contact form on the Contact page, and we will be happy to assist you with licensing inquiries!

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