What element do you identify with: Fire, Earth, Air or Water?

On Nov 22, 2021 at 12:05 PM, PT, the Sun enters the zodiac sign Sagittarius . Sagittarius being a mutable, fire sign is quite different from Scorpio a fixed, water sign.

There are four major elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. These four elements of earth play a huge role in how we live our lives as these elements determine our weather, crop production, how we build our shelters, where and if we take vacations, do we go outside in a t-shirt or a winter jacket, how quickly diseases spread, the flora and fauna, the condition of our seasons and so much more.

There are many healing and spiritual traditions that incorporate elements in their practices. Those of you familiar with a regular deck of playing cards, may be aware that the four playing card suits, similar to Tarot–cards used for divination– correspond with the four elements: clubs (similar to the Tarot wands or rods, fire element ); spades (similar to the Tarot swords, air element); hearts (similar to Tarot cups, water element); and diamonds (similar to Tarot pentacles, earth element).

Feng Shui, originating in China and the practice of aligning with one’s environment, also incorporates the four elements mentioned above but in addition, includes wood as the fifth element.

The four elements, Fire, Earth, Air Water, have been used in Astrology since its ancient beginnings having three specific signs, triplicities, making up that particular element’s life-giving force of each sign. Each zodiac sign of each element has an affinity for a type of temperament.

Fire is related to the sun, passion, inspiration and creativity. Fiery, hot tempered, adventurous, impulsive and courageous are a few descriptives of the fire element temperament. Fire energy is filled with a zest for life and committed to fulfilling heartfelt desires through creative works such as music, acting, writing or perhaps spiritual pursuits.

Earth, terra firma, relates obviously to earth energy and is associated with being grounded. Security, practicality, duty, responsibility, money are of prime importance. In a capitalistic society, money is important to all but with the earth energy archetype, this is the main focus and many times, this focus is the driving force behind many worldly achievements.

The Air element is where we discover the favored environment of the intellect. Ideas, reasoning, discussion, insight and invention are natural qualities of air energy. Disseminating information, communication, socializing, the exchange of ideas and innovations that improve humankind’s state of being are some of the mental concerns of air energy.

Water is a very fluid energy connected with emotions, intuition, moods, deep reflection and empathy are a number of adjectives that describe the water temperament. Being intune with the moods and emotions of others, nurturing, sympathy, empathy and psychic abilities represent some of the characteristics of the water temperament.

Humans are composed of all four elements but which do you identify with more?: passion, materialism, intellect, intuition…

Since we are transitioning from watery Scorpio, now heading into the fire of Sagittarius season, I thought it might be apropos to share with you a poem I wrote in 2019 that emotes the fire energy called:

The Beautiful Flame

As I flicker in the swirling wind, I firmly stand tall knowing,
shoved this way and that, I shall bend
My aura shines as bright as any star, glowing
an inner, brilliant beacon gliding without and within

Sometimes I shiver, sometimes still
at times I dance by the light of the moon
forever brave, longing to exert my will,
shore up my strength!… as turbulence comes soon

I shall not know the quiet loneliness
if disposited without a home of my own
I will not wish for those not with me
for I am not alone

Standing here in the vastness of all that is
A single light, idea, that notion of desire
blossoms, and is no longer mine but his
what a world of wonder in the beautiful flame of fire.

“Your Love is such a beautiful thing; Your Love’s inside me and it’s simply so sweet”.
written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽

The fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are the astro-frequencies of inspiration!

Astro Writings: “The Beautiful Flame” by Felecia Harte for Astro Frequencies © 2019

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