What is your most passionate desire?

Desire is a strong feeling of wanting, wishing, or longing for something.

The word desire has its origins from Middle English desirem (the noun) and desiren (verb) and from Old French desirer, desirrer and from Latin dēsīderō (“to long for, desire, feel the want of, miss, regret”). Also apparently from de- + sidus (in the phrase de sidere, “from the stars”) in connection with astrological hopes.

Speaking of Astrology, the planet, Mars in Astrology, is the driving force that helps us to attain our desires. The placement of Mars, the fiery, red planet of action, sex, energy, force, muscular strength, desire and anger, in your natal chart, can illuminate how you move forward towards fulfilling what you want and how you express anger and aggression.

There’s even the saying: “I was so mad, I could see red”, a Mars-related expression.

When Mars is in its zodiac sign of Scorpio, its traditional domain, it’s at home so to speak and thus, being in his own domain, his power is even more elevated. At this writing, Mars happens to be in its sign of Scorpio and as such, Mars could be the thrust, unconsciously or consciously, motivating me to write about this god of war as described by the ancient Romans.

The war does not have to be an external war with other people or another country but could represent a war within when we struggle with desire. Especially when we desire something that we know deep down inside is not “right” like having a gambling habit that drains the bank account leaving no money for rent and food for your spouse and kids. Gambling and other desires can work against you. Although the gambler, in this case, can be thinking: “when I hit this jackpot, I’m gonna buy a big house for my wife and kids.” But when consistently loosing and seeing the bank account dwindle to nothing, there has to be some internal repercussions as well as the obvious lack of money.

We can also have “positive” desires such as becoming a minister who unselfishly gives love, compassion and works to make our world a better place for all of us.

You can desire something so strongly that you actually have bodily, physiological responses. When anticipating having that sweet, almond-filled piece of milk chocolate, your mouth begins to salivate even before the taste of it enters your mouth. Or when you really want to ask that special someone out for a date, your palms start sweating and you feel butterflies fluttering around in your stomach.

You can sit and dream about something you desire for extended periods of time or as the saying goes: “till the cows come home” but if you really want to accomplish it, make it happen, you have to set your Mars into action.

What do you desire? A new home? to reunite with a lost love? to obtain a master’s degree? to become a nun? Is the desire to become a physician a loftier ambition than having the desire to become a politician?

It has been said that when we have worldly desires no matter what they are, it ties us to the five senses and to materialism. For example in Buddhism, desire is at the root of suffering because desires are only temporary as they originate in the seasonal state of physical incarnation. And the quest for such desires, only brings restlessness and suffering. Therefore, cravings and pleasures can never truly bring spiritual peace.

However, since we are here on this earth, should we not enjoy some of its pleasures that wake up our five senses and feed our souls?: enjoying a delicious meal, inhaling the fragrance of a fresh, springtime rose garden, feeling the smoothness of silk on our body, the tingle of a first kiss, listening to music that transcends the here and now and the mysterious beauty of a full moon in the night sky.

Are we to ignore the longing to assert ourselves, make a name for ourselves? Are we to ignore the natural beauty of creation… not enjoy it?! I would venture to say that fiery, passionate, Mars would exclaim: “enjoy it, enjoy it all!”
written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽

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