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Mysteries Beyond Our Five Senses?…

We humans more often than not tend to only accept what we can perceive with our five senses. The world as we know it, has three dimensions of space: length, width and depth. As we go about our busy lives, three dimensions are easier to focus on and discern as we move through the tasks at hand. We are 3D creatures living in a 3D world but actually, our eyes can show us only two dimensions. The depth that we all think we can see is merely what our brains have adapted via evolution resulting from our eyes being on the front of our faces.
Some scientists classify time as a dimension, the fourth dimension, which governs all perceptible matter and combined with the three other dimensions, time is thought to be necessary to identify the positions of what we perceive with our five senses in relationship to the universe.
However, there is a reality beyond what our five senses can readily process. A dimension of human experience transcendent of the limitations of time, space, and language.
These are the mysteries humankind have pondered since the beginning of time. In the vastness of the universe, is earth the only place where life exists?… surely not. What we consider life may have a different definition for other beings. But in terms of what we do call life: being able to grow, to sustain itself by way of its functioning, reproduction and the ability to continually evolve until death, might not there be other species out there somewhere?
It’s not only possible that we may not be able to comprehend other physical life forms different than our own reality, but it is also possible that we cannot comprehend, with our five senses, all of the other dimensions of consciousness or alternate realities that now, currently, exist in realms of frequencies that we do not tune in to as part of our everyday lives…
If there are other life forms out there, how are they influencing us? There are many occurrences here on earth that are just left as ‘cannot be explained’ such as Extra Sensory Perception, ESP. We have all experienced some form of ESP: someone calls just as you are thinking about them, a dream that comes true, etc.
These are the mysteries beyond that we still have yet to explain…
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