No Matter What The Story, Time WiLL Tell…

Time is our reality. Time is the measurement of existence in past, present and future. In the past century or so, with the discovery of the theory of relativity in particular, we realize that time and space are inseparable aspects of the same fundamental reality in which we live.

Our lives begin with time, our birthdates and the passage of time marks when we transition from life to the next dimensions. Time indicates when we wake up, go to work/school, become an adult, pay bills, when we eat, go to sleep, etc. Time not only governs our lives but it is our reality. Everything is based on time.

How do we measure time? A day, 24 hours, represents how long it takes the earth to revolve on its axis. A month, 28-29 days, Is how long it takes for the moon to revolve around the earth. A year, 12 months, is how long it takes the sun to make a complete revolution around the earth. Of course, we know that the earth revolves around the sun but from our point of view here on earth, the sun moves through the ecliptic in an “apparent” path around the earth.

The aspect of time is essential to Astrology. Actually, I can’t think of any other science that is more connected to time than Astrology as the basis for Astrology is time itself. In order to cast a chart, you must know the time of birth as the time of birth is the origins of the natal chart. If someone doesn’t know the exact time they were born, an astrologer can perform what astrologers call rectifying a chart. But still, rectification of a an astrological chart requires the astrologer to know the timing of events in that person’s life. For instance, when they married, had kids, purchased a house or for younger persons, the timing of events of the immediate family along with personal events would be included as well.

Time represents our reality but also represents personal and cosmic order. In our personal lives, with time we can coordinate our individual, business and social ives so that there is some continuity and cohesiveness . But also, time gives cosmic order. The cosmic occurrences of our solar system are so orderly that we can predict where the sun, moon and planets will be far out into the future. I have an ephemeris which tells me the planetary positions until the year 2050!

In Astrology, the time you take your first breath gives the ascendant or rising sign which is the basis on which the rest of the chart is cast. This ascendant is based on the revolution of the earth on its axis. The sun and moon signs of the native are based on the regions of the sky where the moon and sun are at that time of birth; the moon in its revolution around the earth and sun traveling through the ecliptic. The sun sign is what most people are familiar with when they ask, “what sign are you?”

The relationship of time and Astrology goes back to the beginning of time. Some authorities on this matter, say the recording of time began in Egypt thousands of years ago with the use of the sundial. We know the practice of Astrology has also existed for thousands of years.

The ancients observed the sky in order to form correlations between the sun, moon and planets that were vital to their lives. These observations not only helped with planting and harvesting crops but they noticed how the movement of the sky also affected events in their lives.

Time records the past, lives in the present and predicts the future. Time is inherent in Astrology and I would say that Astrology is inherent in time. The mathematical events of the sun, moon and planetary positions can be predicted with supreme accuracy and are the tools Astrologers utilize in their practices. However, interpreting how these mathematical events will evolve and affect us in our everyday and collective Iives lies in the skillful art of the astrologers’ interpretation.

If time and space are inseparable aspects of the fundamental reality in which we live, Astrology is the guiding light.

No matter the theories, postulations, lies or truths…time will tell
written by ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽

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