Make the most of Pluto’s power

As I note my thoughts in this writing, we are approaching a full moon in Cancer 180 degrees across from the Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Astrologers call this mathematical configuration an opposition.

We can experience heightened emotionality with a full moon in and of itself. But with a Sun-Pluto conjunction occurring at the exact same time as this Cancer full moon, there can be even more emotional flare ups.

In our solar system, the sun is the star of the show as all the planets revolve around the sun. Pluto carries a very powerful frequency. Pluto is associated with death, birth, rebirth, regeneration, power, the underworld, catharsis and plutocrats to note a few delineations. The sun represents our will to live, our vital life force and our drive to create.

Having a full moon and Sun/Pluto conjunction energies occurring simultaneously, can make for intense, confrontational interactions with others or intense internal conflict within ourselves. We might find ourselves in heated arguments and long after the argument has ended as we play out the circumstances in our minds, we may feel as though we have been manipulated.

Or perhaps, we have an internal confrontation with ourselves where we are awash in feelings of defeat or powerlessness. We may feel as though we let someone, something or a situation coerce us into doing something we know we shouldn’t have.

Whether we have internal power struggles with ourselves or with others, the feelings are intense.

No matter the situation, Pluto holds sway over massive amounts of power. Just as we can have power struggles that can make us feel defeated, we can make use of that same awesome power of Pluto to make needed changes in our lives. Power is power. How you use it is up to you.

At this Sun-Pluto conjunction, we can harness some of these energies to make huge transformations. As mentioned, Pluto represents birth and rebirth. This is the power that turns a caterpillar into a butterfly or causes the Phoenix to rise from the ashes.

These energies can help us break longstanding, bad habits, leave unhealthy relationships, move to another country or if you are in the ninth month of pregnancy, maybe go into labor.

Just as sure as the sun rises, we live in the reality of duality so we have the ability to flow with the ‘negative’ energies or the ‘positive’ energies. When we are aware of the planetary cycles and lunations, we can make use of them in ways that best suit us.

Even if we attempt to synchronize certain life events with the planetary aspects and they do not unfold exactly as we want, we can still benefit from understanding the astrological climate.

This is the beauty of Astrology!

Just because someone acts like they are powerful by getting in your face being assertive, boastful or loud, it doesn’t mean they truly are powerful. Keep your cool; don’t let them have power over you.

Power is power. Quiet power can be quite powerful…

Strength comes from the heart.

written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽 © January, 2022

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