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As I note my thoughts in this writing, a couple of days ago the planet Uranus moved from being in a state of what astrologers call retrograde motion to direct motion. When a planet is said to be in retrograde motion, it appears that it stops in the sky and goes backward. At this time, the planet takes a kind of sabbatical. After a period of time depending on size, that planet stations (stands still) and starts actively moving forward towards its full vim and vigor of expressing its traits.
Aquarius/Uranus is associated with Astrology, space travel and exploration, humanitarianism, liberation, innovation, the nervous system, quirkiness, eccentricity, technology, social media and the internet to name a few of this sign’s/planet’s delineations.
With Uranus moving direct again, we might feel energized to socialize, back up our computers, study Astrology, have an urge to do something totally out of the ordinary. Go forward with frequencies, ideas and plans, supported by Uranus’ direct movement, while keeping in mind that right now, both personal planets, Mercury and Venus, are retrograde: Venus until January 29, 2022; Mercury until February 3, 2022.
Uranus, the planet of revolution moves slower than Saturn, considered the outermost planet until Uranus’ discovery in 1781, and I might note, Uranus’ 1781 discovery coincided with the Industrial Revolution as well as the American Revolution. The Industrial Revolution had its beginnings in the mid to late 1700s in Great Britain and in the 1800s here in the United States. At this time, the economy of the U.S. progressed from manual labor and farm labor to a greater degree of industrialization, machinery and technology; it seemed as though entrepreneurs and factories sprung up overnight much like what has happened with today’s world wide web’s entrepreneurs and startups.
In traditional Astrology, before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, the five known planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were considered rulers of two zodiac signs each and the sun and moon having authority over the remaining two zodiac signs Leo and Cancer respectively.
The five known planets had both masculine and feminine authorities:
  1. Mercury as the ruler of its masculine sign, Gemini, and Virgo, its feminine sign
  2. Venus as the ruler of its masculine sign, Libra and Taurus, its feminine sign
  3. Mars as ruler of its masculine sign of Aries and Scorpio, its feminine sign
  4. Jupiter as ruler of its masculine sign Sagittarius and Pisces, its feminine sign
  5. Saturn as the ruler of its masculine sign, Aquarius and Capricorn, its feminine sign
In modern, western Astrology, taking into account the addition of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, some rulerships have been modified giving rulership of Aquarius to Uranus, Pisces to Neptune and Scorpio to Pluto. Granted, there are modern astrologers who recognize both traditional and modern zodiacal sign rulerships and therefore utilize co-rulerships.
However, there are also modern astrologers who have adapted the modern rulerships of Uranus to Aquarius, Neptune to Pisces and Pluto to Scorpio as the sole rulerships of those signs.
Personally, I find using co-rulerships very helpful in my Astrology practice. For instance, using both Jupiter and Neptune as the co-rulers for Pisces or Mars and Pluto as the co-rulers of Scorpio. But in terms of the sign of Aquarius, I still recognize Saturn as a co-ruler but have found that Uranus holds the edge over Saturn as the ruler of Aquarius.
As we transition deeper into the Age Of Aquarius, more of the qualities of Aquarius seem ever more present. We can just look at how computers and their associated technology is part of our lives now. Having the internet is necessary and is paid for just as our everyday utilities such as water, garbage and electric services.
Another example, there is a huge surge and interest in Astrology nowadays. As part of the Astrology community, I see new astrologers springing up just about everyday! More and more people contact me to inquire about Astrology looking to understand how it works and not only to see how Astrology can help them navigate their lives more successfully but how Astrology can add more dimension to their existence.
Now that Uranus is awakening from its annual, semi-slumber, emanating its charged electro-magnetic fields out into the ether of the cosmos, we can tune in to these innovative frequencies that awaken our freedom of thought, humanitarianism and entrepreneurship. Let’s go!
written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽 © January, 2022

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