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Venus + Pluto could = secret desires…what secrets are you hiding? Or are your desires hidden even from you?

As I am noting my thoughts in this writing, there is a very intense planetary aspect culminating. Venus is sauntering into what Astrologers call a conjunction, like a big hug, with Pluto. This particular encounter between Venus and Pluto will last longer than the usual few days. This connection is going to be in affect during most of December.

What an interesting planetary relationship: Venus, the goddess of love and beauty in the grasp of Pluto, god of the darkness, of the underworld.

Venus the planet of love, beauty and money in a tight embrace with Pluto, the planet of hidden, intense power for an extended period of time is definitely worthy of holding our attention. In Greek mythology, Pluto was known as Hades, the god of the underworld. Of course these planets have the ability to operate in their “higher” and “lower” forms. It is how we meet this energy that makes the difference as we all have free will.

This dynamic connection between the two can make for a powerful, emotional tug-of-war. This can play out in us internally as a struggle to obtain what we long for such as the “good things” in life: the big mansion on the hill, luxury cars, the finest foods and clothes, sensual desires. At this time, feelings connected to the lower forms, which we keep hidden, can come to the surface rearing its ugly head causing havoc in our lives.

Or emotions can be expressed externally in a battle with others when we employ destructive manipulation tactics as a means to fulfill our deepest yearnings residing at the primal core of who we are. This manipulation of others can result in explosive, out-of-control situations.

This Venus, Pluto aspect has the potential to bring out some of the worst parts of being human: criminality, jealousy, envy, greed, the more underbelly parts of society.

Looking closer at the jealousy and envy dimensions of this aspect, let’s examine the definition of these emotions. The meaning of jealousy and envy are sometimes erroneously interchanged. Jealousy is defined as an overwhelming feeling of insecurity about a potential loss of material possessions or the loss of a partner or friend. Jealousy is the fear of losing something you already have.

On the other hand, envy is defined as the covetous feeling toward another person’s attributes, possessions, or stature in life. Envy is a longing for something you do not personally have but desire that someone else possesses.

We have all heard the saying: “he/she was green with envy.” This saying is attributed to the Greeks who associated the color green with illness as the negativity associated with being jealous or envious was considered a type of illness.

There was a major solar storm in 2012, producing huge coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that were directed right at Venus showing the brightest green line that had ever been detected. After every CME impact, the green line is detected similar to Earth’s aurora.

The results were amazing; the planet Venus has a green glow! So being “green with envy” could actually be rooted in the planet, Venus, which was associated with the desire for the good life, long before her green glow was demonstrated in 2012! The ancients could have said that he/she was “blue with envy” but no, they said, “green with envy”.

These types of correlations, astrological knowledge put forth thousands of years ago now proving valid technologically, are uncanny. I continue to be amazed by astrology; goose bumps occur frequently.

I think the important thing to remember when we have feelings of jealousy or envy is that we are not bad people for having these fleeting feelings. Each of us has their own purpose in life and each purpose is important.

You may be caring for an aging parent or spouse who depends on you for their survival. You may see other people who are seemingly living glamorous lives; the contrast between the two lifestyles may make your life seem to pale in comparison.

But we all contribute to the state of society whether a leader on the world stage or the caregiver to someone who needs us. Actually, the greatest impact we can have is to show kindness and compassion to all living things.

As we live in this 3-D world of polar opposites, let’s manifest the higher side of Venus’ love and beauty with Pluto’s power to transform darkness to light. Afterall, the primordial act of sex is what produces human life!

The closeness of this Venus, Pluto connection varies throughout December but their embrace will be exact on Christmas Day.

This is the time of year when people all over the world focus on hope and love which have the ability to transmute lower inclinations into higher energies emanating from our hearts that reverberate throughout the world and beyond, into the universe.
written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽

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