VENUS Is More Than A Pretty Face

As I note my thoughts in this writing, the planet Venus in the sign of Taurus is square the planet Saturn in the sign of Aquarius , June 18th. Venus, still in Taurus, will then trine the planet Pluto, in Capricorn , on June 21st.

Venus is the star of the show at this time and actually her influence is accentuated as she has domain over the North Node presently in her sign of Taurus.

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, money, relationships, the arts, harmony, diplomacy, the five senses and sensual pleasures. As such, these fields of experience will be emphasized at this time.

About 2-3 days before June 18th and about 2-3 days after, Venus will be challenged, a square, by Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation. Although Venus is at home in the sign of Taurus, she will feel the restrictive influence from Saturn inhibiting her natural tendencies.

At this time with Venus’ energies suppressed, we may find ourselves feeling more alone and isolated. If you are normally a cheerful, gregarious person, you may be less so. If you are normally an introvert, you may be even moreso. If we are aware of the celestial influences, then we can adjust accordingly. Perhaps for these few days, we can use our free will to make an effort to employ behaviors that best suit her temperament thereby favorably balancing possible negative engagement with others. Remember, this particular Venus/Saturn energy is in effect for a few days. However the effects of slighting others during difficult transits, could have long-lasting effects.

The other aspect of note as mentioned above, is the trine to Venus from Pluto. The trine is an easy flowing aspect allowing us to plug in to more free-flowing energies.

Pluto is a very powerful planet as it rules death, rebirth and renewal, transformation, transmutation, the occult and generally things that are hidden beneath the surface. Pluto’s transformational power is evident in those who turn their lives around in a major way such as  drug addicts who clean up their lives and go on to become loving and reliable parents, good neighbors and members of the community. Or people who make dramatic changes in their appearance: cosmetic surgery or lose huge amounts of weight and seem to become different people.

What’s It All About?

With the easy flowing frequencies between Venus and Pluto, we may expect and see changes in ourselves and in our interactions with others. This could be a good time to smooth over misunderstandings as others may be more receptive to the feelings you express. This may also be a good time to start a new health and fitness regimen, take stock of your investments, put together an effective debt repayment plan.

The Venus/Saturn square challenges, overlap with the free-flowing energies of the Venus/Pluto trine. Being aware of the astrological climate is important but knowing where these aspects unfold in your Astrology would be even more helpful in showing where these aspects affect you personally.

Astrology has many benefits: helps us to understand ourselves better, helps us to better understand our communities, the universe and our place in it, to better understand the depths and dimensions of life, to better understand the inner workings of life that we do not consciously comprehend every minute of the day but affects who we are and how we live our lives.

But perhaps the advantage of knowing and practicing Astrology, is to know the celestial bodies are part of who we are and by understanding them, we better understand ourselves

Let’s Go!

written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽 © June, 2022.

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