Virgo is a receptive, mutable, earth sign and is the 6th sign of the zodiac. Receptive signs are willing to accept information, mutable signs are variable, fluctuating and earth signs are practical as their energies are expressed towards obtaining tangible results.

Yes, Virgo is described as above but this astrological sign also holds such characteristics as discernment, organizational skills, hardworking, detailed analysis, methodical, health oriented, logic, precision, trivia and can be so consumed with minutiae that the saying “getting into the weeds”, meaning an overwhelming amount of detailed information, could apply to the Virgo archetype of desiring to know even the slightest bit of a circumstance.

Wanting to understand all aspects of a situation can assist in making the intangible, tangible. By using critical thinking to understand what elements are needed to attain a particular outcome, one can turn a dream into reality.

Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury, the communicator, and accounts for their mental agility and well-developed styles of speech and writing. Journalism is a career suitable for combining writing skills with their attention to detail.

There is another side to Virgo that is concerned with living everyday life to the best possible. Virgos are health conscious keenly aware of the importance of how incorporating healthy lifestyles and habits into our daily routines aids in accomplishing our objectives.

Another commendable attribute is Virgos service to others and many Virgos choose careers in healthcare as nurses, doctors, dietitians, veterinarians and massage therapists. The zodiac sign complementing Virgo is Pisces. Pisceans are known for their spirituality. Virgos are able to show us how to fuse spirituality with practicality that emerges into charitable, uplifting gifts.

If your home is full of clutter and disorganization, call on a Virgo! They will not only have your home organized with closets and cupboards clean, but your refrigerator full of nutritious foods and your checkbook balanced with bills paid if requested.

New moons give us energies of opportunity to make changes in our lives. If things are going well, we can make them better or if things are not going well, we can improve them. With a Virgo new moon, we have the ability to methodically evaluate our conditions and the skills and aptitude to make practical modifications that result not only in a better life in the area of focus but in the entirety of our lives.

Let’s clean out those closets!
written by Felecia Harte: About Felecia, for Astro Frequencies
© August, 2022