What do You Believe in? 🌞 💡🚀

What’s On Your Mind…

How do you decide what course of action you should take to pursue your goals? to make your thoughts a reality?

Are you the type of person that seeks approval from others before you go after your dreams? Some believe in what they want to attain only after others validate what they believe. This says a lot about what your belief in yourself. Of course, it’s smart to know as much as you can gather about what you are about to put your time and energy into but once you are more informed, if it’s something you truly believe in, go for it!

Yes, there will be friends and family who point out all the negative reasons why you shouldn’t go for what you want and these people may have your best interest at heart. However, they may just be projecting their own fears onto you; they would never dare to venture out into unchartered territory, take a big risk. There is some truth to the old adage, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

We are the beneficiaries of great thinkers who created life-changing medicine, mechanical inventions, technologies and who also challenged us to think in more expansive ways. The great innovators of the world may have suspected that their ideas would be met with criticism and even contempt however, their belief in their ideas and themselves was far greater than remaining dormant.

When one is going out of the norm of what has been accepted, practiced and ordained, there may be many trials and tribulations to confront but it is that unwavering belief in one’s self that keeps dreams alive. It seems to be a knee-jerk reaction for people to doubt and criticize new, different ways of approaching  life as people are generally creatures of habit.

It takes a bold, self-confident, sometimes rebels, to make the world take note of the burning passion that lives in those who know they have something to contribute to the evolution of humankind. When you have this driving conviction and belef in yourself, the doubt and opposition encountered is precisely the validation that lets you know you’re on to something.
All the best, from the Harte

By Felecia Harte for HartecastMusic.com/Nov, 2023