How do you want to be remembered?

As I note my thoughts in this writing, the sun has just entered Pisces a couple of days ago. Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. After we have completed our journey through the prior eleven signs, we are now ready to reflect on where we’ve been and who we are. At this time, we can let go of attachment to things that don’t contribute to the healthy integration of the opposing parts of ourselves.

Pisces is the dominion of Jupiter, traditionally, and Neptune, modern day ruler. These gaseous planets are beyond the rocky personal planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars and thus, allow for ever-expanding perceptions due to the fact that one of the characteristics of gas is the property of indefinite expansion as opposed to a solid or liquid.

Although Pisces is the twelfth sign, last sign, following the previous eleven, it doesn’t have to mean that we only realize Pisces at the end of life, we may have Pisces’ experiences many times as we traverse the endings and beginnings of life. However, there will come the final ending; that time when we take our last breath.

What will be our legacy? What will we be remembered for? Once someone transitions to the other side, those remaining behind are left with memories of that person. I have found that people usually remember the uplifting qualities of a person. Yes, we remember some of the person’s faults but as time goes on, we seem to remember less of their faults and more of their uplifting qualities.

No matter what characteristics a person has, there are a few that stand out. Perhaps a man was vain about his clothing/appearance to the point of being rigid, which he would describe as being well groomed, but was a devoted family man. Or perhaps a woman could have a prickly personality, which she would describe as being straightforward, but would host very warm holiday celebrations making everybody feel at home. After the deceased has passed on, as time goes by, we usually tend to remember the uplifting qualities more so than the frustrating ones.

There is also the Akashic record. In 0ccultism, the Akashic record is a compendium of pictorial records, or “memories,” of all events, actions, thoughts, and feelings that have occurred since the beginning of time. They are said to be imprinted on Akasha, the astral light, which is described by spiritualists as a fluid ether existing beyond the range of human senses. Akasha allegedly transmits the waves of human willpower, thought, feeling, and imagination and is a reservoir of occult power, an ocean of unconsciousness to which all are linked, making prophecy and clairvoyance possible.

Perhaps the Akashic record is the basis for our incarnations, a report card if you will. Depending on what subjects we excel in or lack, people with whom we have karmic lessons yet to fulfill or parts of life we need to experience in order to graduate to new levels of growth and development, is what determines the curricula, natal astrological charts, of our incarnations conceived from what is written in the Akashic record?

In our 3-D reality, duality not only exists in our observable world: light/dark, left/right, male/female, etc., but within ourselves as well. The energy inside us takes on many forms. Some aspects of ourselves we like and some we don’t. However, as human beings with free will, we can make it our goal to objectively observe our affect on ourselves and others. If there is something we don’t like, we can then change it and create something more worthy of us.

This is where Astrology can be very helpful. Of course, we can make internal course corrections without the aid of Astrology but with it, it broadens the possibilities. I think everyone should study Astrology as Astrology is a map that guides and directs. Just as when traveling on a road trip, you use a map/GPS to help you get from point A to point B, Astrology is a map too not only showing course directions but can tell you when you’re traveling on life’s smooth multi-lane highways or if there are flashing red lights notifying you to proceed with caution.

Astrology helps us to realize qualities that may be unconsciously hidden from ourselves as Astrology embodies psychological, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions. We may have unrealized talents and strengths just waiting to be tapped as well as weaknesses that others may be aware of but we are blind to. Just like a map that shows us where we took the wrong turn and winded up lost, we can look at our astrological map and see life cycles of the past, the present transits and future progressions which can help us make course corrections.With self-examination, we can become better people.

I was once talking to an associate and we were talking about the subjects we took in high school. I mentioned I liked math, Algebra and Geometry, and she said she didn’t see the need for these subjects because as long as she knew how to count her money, that was all the math she needed. To me, there are things we are taught that we may not always use directly in a specific way in our everyday lives but a wide range of knowledge helps us to expand our consciousness, depth of awareness, increases social interaction potential with others and our outlook on life.

This is the potential of Astrology.

What will be your legacy? What will you be remembered for? Partnering with the practice of Astrology, combined with free will, you can come closer to becoming the quality of the person you want to be, closer to the legacy you want to be remembered for.

While we are alive here on this earth, we can evolve into not only the person we want to be and remembered for but for the person others want to remember.

written by: ~from the Harte 🤜🏽⚡🤛🏽 © February, 2022

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